An Open Letter to Those People Seeking to Take Advantage of People Suffering from the Oil Spill

Southern Breeze Townhome Navarre beach Florida

Dear Stephanie,
Regarding your question,

Do you have any specials on your Navarre Beach house due to the oil spill ?

I imagine that you don’t have any idea how much it costs to keep a house at the beach. We were just getting back on our feet after having to rebuild our little gem of a gulf front townhome after it was completely destroyed by hurricane Ivan four years ago. The upkeep is enormous yet we can’t sell because the values have fallen way below what we have into it. Just this summer we had a nearly full reservation calendar where the rentals actually covered the mortgage for that month. The cancellations have been tough especially since the beaches are beautiful and though there have been a few tar balls, ten people come to scoop up each one from the sand the moment it hits.

I’m just sayin’ that when you write and ask for a discount at a time like this, you are basically trying to get yourself a vacation on the suffering of others. I am sure you can find someone desperate enough to take anything, but I welcome you to take the high road and come stay at this amazing beach and pay the regular, very reasonable price to support those of us who are yet again, in the midst of a terrible crisis. It’s your choice, but it all comes back to you.

Navarre Properties is our property management and you can make reservations and check the availability on the Navarre Properties web site page. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will find the reservation calendar for our unit.

Navarre Beach Southern Breeze Dune Walkover

Make yourself a Sock Monkey and Get Some Sock Monkey Magic!

You can learn to make your own Sock Monkey at Mary Sweeney’s Felted Heart Studio
March 15th
Monday 3:30pm – 5:30pm
Instructor: Mary Sweeney
Cost: $50
All supplies included.
Contact Mary Sweeney at or call 678.559.4977.

But be very careful. Things can get out of hand…..

It is our Duty to Catapult Each Other Into Greatness

I realized at 50 that not only am I an entrepreneur but I am and have always been an Artist. My website graphic design business is the fourth successful business I have had in my life: Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, CEO of medical records software company, Loft Real Estate Designer and Developer and now, New Tricks […]

Craig the Basset Hound ate 20 Dates Stuffed with Coconut and Rolled in Sugar


No Craig didn’t actually roll in sugar, but he did eat the dates stuffed with a nut and coconut which were rolled in powdered sugar. I was kind of worried since I was having a party that night and expected a gigantic stomach ache at the least. But no he seemed fine. People didn’t know that even though Craig is very short, he is very long and therefore could get up to the table and help himself. Thank goodness my husband saw him before he started on the second plate.

I am on Jane Fonda’s Blog

Picture of Jane and her Dog taken with my I-Phone.Last night I went to a Planned Parenthood Event as a guest of Dene Shepherd’s where Jane Fonda was the keynote speaker. Here is a picture of Jane and her dog taken by me with my I-phone. It was a nasty rainy night but there was quite a crowd. And the topic and event was timely with the passing of the House Health care Bill on the tails of the Stupak/Pitts Amendment. Here is what Jane had to say about the bill before it passed,

Women’s health means rightwing stealth. At the last minute, the Stupak/Pitts Amendment was attached to the Health Care Reform Bill. This amendment violates the underlying principle of health care reform, as articulated by President Obama, that “no one will lose the benefits they currently have.” Truth is that under the Stupak/Pitts Amendment, millions of women would lose benefits they already have and millions more would be prohibited from getting the kind of private sector health care coverage that most women have today. ie: millions of women would lose private coverage for abortion services and millions more would be prohibited from buying it even with their own money.

And here is a picture of the crowd taken by Jane and posted on her blog today, with me in the upper right hand corner.

Animated Signature

This is an experiment. I made an animated signature in PhotoShop with some great instructions I found on-line. I then read a post by Lorelle who does WordPress tutorials about how to insert the PHP code into the main index template for the signature to show up at the end of a post. So we now need a drum roll . . . Well back to the drawing board!