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box_dog_275 It’s always a sign that something’s up when I don’t post for a week or so. And well, something is up. In the past two weeks I have started a new business. Actually, I have named my business that I was basically doing already under the auspices of JC Knight Properties,Inc which sounded kind of BLAND. It also really did not cover everything that I am now doing. So, what am I doing? My new business name is New Tricks.

The idea is that my design work is a little different than the ordinary ho hum. It is on the edge without being edgy. I have always seemed to have a knack for getting in on a trend on the front end of the spectrum. After the building industry went blah. I started doing websites and graphics for people who needed to update their tired old static websites into the blogging CMS platform that search engines love. I also show them how to get hooked up with Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Flickr and all the various social networking sites. It is amazing to do that for someone and then watch their rankings and hits on their site go way up.

So that is it. In addition to doing kitchen, bath, commercial interior design/build, color consultations and dreaming about renovating historic hotels, I am doing this cyber- design-build social networking thing and loving it. I have gotten so busy that I have teamed up with a friend Dene Shepherd who is now working with me on New Tricks. And let me tell you we are having some New Fun.

One of the sites we are doing that is already up and nearing completion is for a music production/consulting company called Milk Money Consulting. They are a perfect example of our perfect target client. They are creative, successful and way too busy doing business to keep up with their web presence. Small businesses usually don’t have staff dedicated to keeping up with the latest web technology nor do they have time to do it themselves. I think Milk Money’s fearless leader, Monica Tannian is going to be delighted having this new blog-site showcase for what she and her crew are doing over at Milk Money. Monica’s 2008 client list reads like a Who’s Who in Pop/Hip hop music today. And since it is a blog, this site will allow her crew and her clients to participate in the site and communicate with each other.

Danneman’s coffee is another company I have worked with. I did their website back nine months ago when they first opened but no one had the skills to keep it fresh. Recently, I ported it over to a blog format, taught the staff how to use it and they are doing great. Now, it is a dynamic living site that gives people the sense of what is going on at this cozy yet vital, coffee shop.

Dene and I will be will be showcasing the various sites that we are working on as we get further along and will let you know as soon as our new site is ready for public consumption. so stay tuned. I haven’t strayed far.

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