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Maira Kalman goes to Washington

Posted January 30th, 2009 by Judi

Nina Rubin of Voted off the Island turned me onto this amazing artist/designer Maira Kalman. She blogs for the New York Times and recently posted a series of drawings from her trip to Washington for the Inauguration. I loved her drawings of the black women in hats and the black woman guard at the National Gallery. In fact, I thought she was black, but she isn’t.

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Kwanza Struggles with Three Hounds, Mounted Police Stand By

Posted January 29th, 2009 by Judi


Councilman, Kwanza Hall quickly got said hounds under control, and out of range of a kick in the head for a nice photo op.


Actually, I was out for a walk with my dogs and saw the Mounted Police riding up ahead along Irwin Street. I headed over to check them out and Kwanza Hall was there talking to them. Kwanza offered to take the dogs while I took a picture. I’m glad that the dogs didn’t get kicked in the head but I am more pleased by the fact that I have seen a real increase in police presence in the neighborhood recently. This is a very good sign considering all of the reports of increased crime in Inman Park and the Old Fourth Ward.


Just last week Lieutenant Moore and officers assigned to the Edgewood Corridor of the Old Fourth Ward stopped into Danneman’s Coffee to talk with Joe Stewardson about their plans for making the neighborhood safe. I must say it’s nice to see our men in blue out doing their jobs, especially on horseback!

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Recycled Clothing takes on a new meaning

Posted January 26th, 2009 by Judi

Here is an outfit I found for Myrna Perez, proprietor of the cute little Fruteria and cafe, Lotta Frutta on Auburn Ave. Kind of a Caren Miranda shops at Target look.

ccccswing-coatAnd Here is one for the Dene who worked without rest on the Obama campaign. Called the voter swing coat, it is made of voter registration posters (hanging on the wall in the photo) cut into half inch wide strips and woven together.
There are plenty of other options for all of your peeps here on this site Recycle Runway!

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Where I was on Inuaguration Day 09

Posted January 23rd, 2009 by Judi


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The Inauguration of President Barack Obama – The Big Picture –

Posted January 23rd, 2009 by Judi

These are some of the most moving photos of the Inauguration. Truly we have elected a man that can help us to change the world. I guess I didn’t need my camera after all.The Inauguration of President Barack Obama – The Big Picture –

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Back to Reality

Posted January 23rd, 2009 by Judi

Washington Monument on Inauguration Day
As much as I like to think differently, I am not a good traveler. I always feel a bit discombobulated to be out of my stomping grounds. I’m not quite as bad as the Accidental Tourist but almost. I had such high hopes of blogging and uploading photos and texts regularly while I was at the Inauguration. Didn’t happen the way I had imagined. I got a few texts off to NPR and friends actually said that they saw them which was cool. But from the start circumstances conspired against me.

I didn’t bring my laptop since Duane brought his Mac Book but I did bring my Christmas i Phone and my camera so thought

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Inauguration Diary – January 20

Posted January 22nd, 2009 by Judi

6:00 AM – Duane stealthily got dressed and left for work doing the camera and wiring over at Lafayette Park where a lot of network anchors were set up.

6:30 AM Claudia and I got up and felt pretty good about going to the mall with the crowds. We put lots of layers on plus woolly hats and socks and I felt like a little kid in a snow suit. Weather says it is 20 degrees and should warm up a bit with the sun out.

7:30 AM We decided to head over to the Washington Monument as a large indicator of exactly where

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Inauguration Diary January 19

Posted January 21st, 2009 by Judi

8:30 AM – Joe took Claudia and I to the Airport. ( its nice to have nice friends).

9:45AM – We’re at the Atlanta airport, Claudia gets out her guidebook and I take out my iPhone. Its a race between new and old school to see
who finds a great place for lunch once we get into DC. She thumbs through her book and I give Urban Spoon a shake. Et voila, we both come up with Matchbox, a little bar restaurant on H street in Chinatown around the corner from where we were staying at the Renaissance Hotel. Claudia called and made reservations. I called that round a tie.

1:00 PM – Took the

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Its Almost Time to go to DC

Posted January 18th, 2009 by Judi

Time to go to DC

Originally uploaded by judith.knight

I’m packing my bling for the trip.

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