About Me

Judi Knight



1. I love to design and build things. Businesses, buildings and interiors and now websites and online businesses. It is my art form and my livelihood.


2. I don’t like putting gas in my car or unloading the dishwasher.
3. I have a PhD in clinical psychology. It comes in handy in all of my work.
4. Together, my husband and I have six kids.
5. Now that our kids went and grew up  we run The Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast in our huge Atlanta loft.


6. Pleasures: enthralled with dancing especially, Tango.
7. I ran away at 17 to go to college and graduated from UC Berkeley.
8. My house is painted with 45 very carefully chosen colors.


9. My mother taught me to cook, sew, knit, and give great parties.
10. Give me some crab gumbo and sweaty Zydeco dancing and I am happy.
11. My favorite flowers: peony, orchid, tuberose, euphorbia.
12. I’m addicted to blogging.
13. I Love working with small businesses to help them create awesome online homes, with graphic design, web and marketing.


14. My New Tricks Web Design team is made up of my 27 year old son and 2 other friends from Paideia, who I have known since they were littles.
15. I wonder how anyone can think that animals don’t have feelings.
16. I have five younger sisters and a brother.


17. My guiltiest pleasures are blogging in my pajamas when other people are at work.
18. I wish I had taken art and drafting classes in high school.
19. We share our home with three basset hounds and two parakeets


20. When I was growing up I have lived in all of the good beach towns in the US.
21. My husband brings me my coffee every morning. I blame him for my happiness.

duane and judi
22. I designed and built a beach house on the Gulf that we just sold to someone who coincidentally was on my New Tricks newsletter. Weird.


23.I am a early morning and late night person. It’s the afternoons that get to me.
24. I just don’t have the patience anymore for rigid people with no insight.
25. Dog vs. cat = definitely dog

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Judi
    Finally got a glance at your blog. Very Cool & will read more later. Glad you have pics of Mary’s display at Starbuck’s I was with her when she got the foam core board for the figures. Great result Mary ! It was neat to have Mary as a participant in my recent HeartArt show for Valentines and beyond and good to see you and Cindi there J.
    Later Gator

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