All I want for Christmas is a ….

I have been doing some research in preparation for putting together my Christmas list when I got off track and started to think about (well maybe fantasize about) the Roomba. You know, it’s the roboty thing that can vacuum the floor for you, kind of like a pool skimmer? Apparently, this little honey will drive around gobbling up the dirt and pet hair and then find its way back to the charger. It will then charge itself up to be ready for its next mission (it does not clean itself out nor does it unwind string and such from around its bristles). With three hound dogs and two cats there is always a fine dusting of pet hair  or rolling dust bunnies over the miles of concrete floors and Flor carpet tiles in our loft.

I never really considered a Roomba before because they just sounded too good to be true. But it turns out I was wrong. The hundreds of reviews i have read are great, it seems that the Roombas actually work.  Then after each  reviewer goes on and on about the cleaning capabilities of their Roomba, they launch into the whole emotional thing.

Linda at Sundry Buzz has the following to say about her Roomba,

Do I like the Roomba? I love the Roomba. I love the Roomba so much I’d bypass the jacket-knitting stage and progress straight to tongue-kissing, except I’d probably get tangled in its counter-rotating brushes.

After much deliberation she is going to name hers, Sucky McFur Chow.

You heard Linda make reference to knitting a jacket for her Roomba? Well Roombas are a type of virtual pet; sort of a Webkinz for adults kind of thing. First of all, Like Webkinz, there are a lot of models to choose from. Its hard to decide from all of the listings on the The iRobot website. I kind of have a hankering for the McDaddy Roomba, model 610. It sells for 549.00. There is also a Pet Series Roomba, model 562, that sells for a mere 399.00. I thought it was called the Pet model, for its superior ability in picking up pet hair. But then I saw this video, so maybe the Pet model is one that cats likes to ride on…

But I am liking the Model 562 since we have so much space and apparently, it does everything the pet model does only better.

You can purchase an outfit or costume for your Roomba, as you can for a Webkinz. My Room Bud has outfits decorated like cows, ladybugs, pigs zebras and oh lets not forget  this holiday, the best selling reindeer suit.

Some men may be a little threatened by the roomba. There is a Roomba model called a Dirtdog that can pick up nails and such in a workshop environment. It may just be an excuse when they say that a standard ShopVac is all they need and that A Roomba DirtDog is for wimps. Really I think they are a little afraid of the whole Robot take over the world thing. Listen for the mumbling references under their breath about invasions and world domination. Disastrous evidence has been produced by a blogger named Doug who reports on Doug by Doug,

As it turns out, my roomba actually killed itself. I traced it’s little path, and it went on the internet and downloaded and infected itself with a virus. It went around my house and liberated all my other appliances in the house by unplugging them, and then it left a note in the carpet saying “all work on no play makes roomba a dull toy”, and threw itself down the stairs. It was very traumatizing.

3 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is a ….

  1. i knew someone who had a rhoomba and they woke up at night and it had gotten into the liquor, was trying on their clothes in the closet, had peed on the floor, and was heading out the front door with the car keys muttering something about running down a shopping cart.

  2. I own a Roomba, and I have a love/hate relationship with it.
    Love: I don’t have to push a vacuum
    Hate: Cleaning the Roomba after every use. If you don’t, all the parts will become clogged with hair and other dirt very quickly and you will have to replace them. Replacing them is about $50 and you have to do that fairly often. The battery doesn’t last very long and takes a few hours to recharge. The Roomba is also noisy.

    Do I regert getting one? Kinda….

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