Architecture and Ambiance after my Own Heart


After seeing photos of La Boca barrio, in Buenos Aires, I just had to see it myself. La Boca was the seaport here until Puerto Mudera. Back in the day the poor working class people who lived there painted their homes with all sorts of paints that they got from the ship yards. The explanation sounds a little suspect since I have never seen ship yards use any of the bright colors that are famous in La Boca. But given my background as a Navy brat most of the shipyards I am familiar with are all shades of grey – never one of my favorite colors.


I also like the liberal use of corrugated metal for walls, it reminds me of 130 Krog Street. I wish Atlanta had more diversity in its architecture. Our classes are mainly in the downtown area of Buenos Aires. There are huge tall buildings a lot of street hustle bustle. It kind of gives me the jitters being over there and I am glad that our apartment is near there in Recoleta but far enough that it is not so hectic. Recoleta is like the Buckhead of BA. All of the designers have shops here. We are directly across from Fendi and Eric just bought three pairs of cool trousers from Armani. I kid him that he is a caballo de ropas. I think that might be clothes horse in Spanish.

I had told people that another thing I loved about Buenos Aires is that I did not see a single GAP or Banana Republic the whole time, unlike Paris where strolling down the Champs d’ elysee was like going to to Buckhead in Atlanta. Although I did see a Mc Donalds, that was it and so it appears that Buenos Aires has remained true to its self. It seems that we are not the only Americans to fallen in love with Buenos Aires. This week an article in the New York Times says it is the It place to go for artists and creative types and echoes my views in comparing it to the old Paris.


Saturday night and our last dinner out we went to Puerto Madero to Cabana Las Lillas. It is a great restaurant in a dock side, red brick, warehouse looking building. Our table was what they called outside but it was really on a back deck that had heater blowers so was perfect for the tiny chill in the air. And the view was of the river and the full moon. Eric, Duane and I were on steak overload by this time in the week so Duane got Sole Meuniere, I ordered Fruits de la Mar and Eric had roasted chicken which were all good Amanda and Leandro succombed to the steaks. The waiters brought all sorts of little enpanadas, breads and an antipasto type platter before the meal and don’t order dessert since they will bring out a little tray of asssorted goodies. A great place to go to soak up the last bit of Argentine Au jus before heading back to Atlanta.