Artists in Residence

I am having a lot of fun running the The Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast here at 130 A Krog Street in Atlanta. I am not your typical Bed and Breakfast proprietor. First of all, I don’t take just anyone, anytime. If someone calls at the last minute wanting accommodations, I sweetly say, Oh, I’m so sorry we don’t have any availability for tonight. Or if they call with some attitude or weird situation, same response, “no room at the inn”. But we have had some really great guests and actually none that were not great in their own way.

Recently, we had a Beverly Hills Film Maker, Marty Keegan come to stay here since his short film was entered into the Dragon*Con Film Festival. I made sure he was not one of those people that dressed up in Darth Vader regalia, before I said yes. Marty came four days early to hang out at the festival but the thing was, he didn’t know what Dragon*Con was and it was really funny when he found out. He ended up hanging out with me a lot which was great since Duane was out of town setting up the broadcast set up for the Republican Convention and I liked the company. Marty’s film, Verboten , won best Drama and he also won for best villain. The trailer is mighty creepy.

On a more serene note, we are having another artist, Wendy Given, stay here next week. Wendy is coming into town from Portland Oregon for a show of her work at the Solomon Project Gallery opening October 17th with a reception from 6-8 PM. Her recent show includes a series of color photographs, The Wilds, of what looks to be taken in the greenest green, mossy, ferny, forests of the Pacific Northwest. The photographs bring to mind the pictures in my of the landscape in the book Snow Falling on Cedars.