Dinner at Wahoo for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society 9/14

My daughter’s best friend, Jessica Murphy is now working for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and has arranged a fundraiser this Monday September 14th at Wahoo. Enjoy farm to table dining while supporting blood cancer research and patient services. Tell your server you wish to donate 10% of your bill to LLS. Reservations are available for parties of 5 or more. Come on and join us there.

News Flash 8/24/2009: Grant Henry AKA Sister Louisa Finally Starts Blogging

I think I can
Grant finally went and took the plunge. Over at New Tricks we have been helping Grant with a blog website design for his Grant Henry AKa Sister Louisa website the past several months. The problem is that we have been doing it in drips and drabs, which I don’t recommend. Much easier to get it all done in a week or so so you don’t forget where you were in the process. Anyway, I am very happy that this artist, philosopher, bartender and friend finally started posting. I know he hasn’t even gotten warmed up yet. He called his debut a “flabby” opening, so when he really rolls it out it will be something to behold. Grant’s post that he originally posted in Hollis Gillespie’s Creative Loafing column about why he is the happiest man alive is very moving. You have to read it since it shows the other side of the “Out There” Grant.

When I was blogging here a lot, before New Tricks started sapping all my blogging energy, Grant’s comments on my blog were the best thing going. I really looked forward to his whacked out view of things being that he is one of the funniest people I know and respect. Once I wrote a post about a lifesize artists model that my sister’s husband John named Eileen – because she did. Within an hour Grant sent me a full portfolio of photos of a male life size artist model, Lucious Lamar, in lewd poses. It was and is hilarious.

One of Grant’s many and main claims to fame is his Sister Louisa art. He collects religious paint by numbers and then paints his wisdom and creative insanity on them. As a former Catholic school girl, I really get this. Check it out and check out his blog. Yea, Grant, you have “Catapulted yourself into Greatness” !

The Vendor/Client Relationship

I just love those girls at the Moxie Design Studio. In fact they first taught me to blog with their book the “It Girls Guide to Blogging with Moxie”. It was the only pink book in the computer section at Banes and Nobles and I snatched it up. Highly recommend it. Anyway they posted a video on their blog on the vendor /client relationship. It is pretty funny. And true.