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Washington Monument on Inauguration Day
Washington Monument

As much as I like to think differently, I am not a good traveler. I always feel a bit discombobulated to be out of my stomping grounds. I’m not quite as bad as the Accidental Tourist but almost. I had such high hopes of blogging and uploading photos and texts regularly while I was at the Inauguration. Didn’t happen the way I had imagined. I got a few texts  off to NPR and friends actually said that they saw them which was cool. But from the start circumstances conspired against me.

I  didn’t bring my laptop since Duane brought his Mac Book but I did bring my Christmas i Phone and my camera so thought I was all set since I could post directly from my phone to NPR and to FaceBook. I was actually getting pretty good with the little keyboard in anticipation of the trip.  It was very disappointing to find out on inauguration day, sitting there on the cold hill of the Washington Monument with plenty o’ time on my hands that  I could not get a phone signal – at all, all day, nor could I upload the texts or posts I wrote.

When I got back to the Renaissance hotel with about a two hours to spare before going out to Matchbox , my new favorite DC place to eat/drink for dinner, I found that we did not have Internet service to the room without spending $12.95 per day for the privilege. I didn’t even  try to mess with it because by the time I sat down on the bed I ended up crawling  in under the fluffy white comforter. I needed to thaw out and give the three Ibuprofen time to work in hopes that I’d catch a second wind.

One thing I would have blogged about was the huge number of portapotties. I heard that there were five thousand but I swear I think there must have been one for every fifty people. I think they were even kind of used to corral off certain areas being like a  portapotty blockade.One never had to stand in line for one, and the other weird thing was that everything was frozen which beats hell out of a portapotty in July. I found a great blog post by hipchikindc about the portapotty situation complete with beautiful pictures.