Bed and Breakfast Loft Style

plant_img_6105-2I just got my new pictures of my B&B bedrooms which were recently taken by Jim Moss who runs the reservation service Bed and Breakfast Atlanta. The rooms look so great that I want to stay there. Oh but, I already live here.

We have had a few people stay and it has been nice. Our place is so big that we hardly know anyone else is here.

One of our tango instructors, from Chicago, is going to stay for six weeks this summer. He will be coming later in June. That will be fun and good for a few private lessons. The second
pic is of the room he will be staying in. Then the third photo is of our two level room with the bed and bath upstairs and the lounge, desk and television downstairs.

You can’t beat the location especially now with my new favorite breakfast restaurant, Parish, in Inman Park, right around the corner from us. And of course, there is Kevin Rathbun Steak next door and then Danneman’s Coffee in the Old 4th Ward is just a few blocks away. We really are right in the middle of everything. And the innkeepers are great if I do say so myself.