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Buenos Aires tango orchestra

Whether you have three days in Buenos Aires or you plan to fall in love and live here for good, a walking tour is a great way to get to know the city,

says Eve Hyman, in an Interview with Alan Patrick for the website, Argentinastravel.com. Alan is a blogger, English expat, who offers walking tours of Buenos Aires. I had read Alan’s blog, Buenos Tours prior to going to Buenos Aires back in March 08 and found it fun and informative. I never was able to take one of his tours since we were on such a whirlrwind tango schedule for ten days at CITA 2008. But because I read his posts I felt like I knew where I wanted to go when we did have a little time.

I like being in the know. I like traveling to places where I have friends who can give me the insider scoop to living there. Otherwise, I can see all the tourist sites just as well on TV or something. I prefer to find out where the locals hang and the cool little things to do that you wouldn’t know by flying in somewhere and staying at a hotel.

Reading the Argentina blogs like Alan’s is what got me going blogging and also starting the Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast at my place in Atlanta. If someone is coming to Atlanta they can stay here with us and feel like they are visiting friends. They have to like dogs and cats but that is kind of how it is when you visit friends.