Lady Rogue Business Network

I finally got to an event put on by Lady Rogue. She has an organization called Rogue Apron where she holds dinners for her foodie network where the location is top secret and only announced the day of. I have not been to her dinners but I did go to a workshop Thursday night called the Unsucky Twitter Workshop put on by the newer off shoot of Rogue Apron called Lady Rogue’s Business Network.

It was a great meeting she was very prepared with Power Point slides and lots of good information. Unfortunatley I had a previously scheduled meeting so I had to leave when Lady Rogue was getting into the juicy part of the evening where she and the group critiqued each others Twittering and gave the person suggestions. Next time I will be sure to have my evening cleared. A great way to network with some creative, DIY entreprenuers.

Kwanza Struggles with Three Hounds, Mounted Police Stand By


Councilman, Kwanza Hall quickly got said hounds under control, and out of range of a kick in the head for a nice photo op.


Actually, I was out for a walk with my dogs and saw the Mounted Police riding up ahead along Irwin Street. I headed over to check them out and Kwanza Hall was there talking to them. Kwanza offered to take the dogs while I took a picture. I’m glad that the dogs didn’t get kicked in the head but I am more pleased by the fact that I have seen a real increase in police presence in the neighborhood recently. This is a very good sign considering all of the reports of increased crime in Inman Park and the Old Fourth Ward.


Just last week Lieutenant Moore and officers assigned to the Edgewood Corridor of the Old Fourth Ward stopped into Danneman’s Coffee to talk with Joe Stewardson about their plans for making the neighborhood safe. I must say it’s nice to see our men in blue out doing their jobs, especially on horseback!

Itinerary for December 6th Weekend of Fun

We have a B and B here at 130 Krog Street and this weekend we have a full house. Our guests are three men gator fans, and one is bringing his 17 year old son and 20 year old daughter from Florida coming up to see University of Florida beat Alabama on Saturday afternoon . One of them wrote to ask me what they should do with themselves while they are here. So I prepared the following customized itinerary

Creativity Galore Inside and Out

I just snuck off for an hour from the Obama “Get out the Vote” district center being housed at my loft, to go to an art sale in Candler Park at the home of Janie Wright. She Has a studio in a small building in her backyard which is a delight. One of Janie’s former obsessions was creating gourd art. Now she has gone over to shells.
I just love to look at artist studios and Janie’s is an amazingly delightful place. Her work area is full of shells, separated into containers by type with all of her supplies readily available. This little studio set back in a lovely garden, looks like it would be a wonderful place to work or just to sit and bask in the dappled sunlight.

Night Tours of the Oakland Cemetery

The Oakland Cemetery is giving evening tours this Halloween weekend, October 24,25 and 26. You can go to their website to get a ticket (15.00 adults and 5.00 for children). Come in costume or just come to see the ghosts of several of the more famous residents and get a good history lesson at the same time. This is also a chance to go into some of the mausoleums. Very spooky. . .

My favorite seafood joint, Six Feet Under, a terrific seafood joint is offering 5.00 off per ticket for dinner. So grab yourself a tasty margarita and some catfish tacos to fortify yourself for the experience.