Creativity Galore Inside and Out

I just snuck off for an hour from the Obama “Get out the Vote” district center being housed at my loft, to go to an art sale in Candler Park at the home of Janie Wright. She Has a studio in a small building in her backyard which is a delight. One of Janie’s former obsessions was creating gourd art. Now she has gone over to shells.
I just love to look at artist studios and Janie’s is an amazingly delightful place. Her work area is full of shells, separated into containers by type with all of her supplies readily available. This little studio set back in a lovely garden, looks like it would be a wonderful place to work or just to sit and bask in the dappled sunlight.

Highland Bakery Cake Art

photo by Ben Rose

Karen Portaleo is an artist, her medium is sugar, her studio, the Highland Bakery. She makes the most amazing looking cakes I’ve ever seen and they are also some of the best tasting cakes I’ve ever eaten. You can see her work here in this photo by Ben Rosa and on the photogallery on the Highland Bakery Website.

Recently Karen made this three and a half foot tall dress cake based on one of Isaac Mizrahi’s 2007 line for a fund raiser. The Sunday paper did an article reporting on this event and how Karen made this edible art.

Freecycle: a great idea

I just joined the Freecycle yahoo group this week. It is a site set up for people to list things that they want to give away. People see the post and send a reply telling the poster they want the item and they make arrangements to pick it up. Then they put another post on […]

Looking Super

Danneman’s is now painted and the old furniture has been purchased by Bobby at the Pizza place down the street, so it is mostly cleaned out. Grant and I started bringing in and arranging all of our treasures . It’s pretty funny that we are both obsessed in the same way. We arrange things and then have to stand around and admire it. We even went back over there tonight. I had gone to Home Depot and bought two palms for either side of the front door. Grant met me over at the building to help me get them out of the car and bring them inside. But truth be told, we both just wanted to see how it looked at night and congratulate each other on how great it’s looking.

Flowers Cut From My Garden

Cut Flowers

I just can’t believe how good my flowers look this spring. My sister Dorothy went out in the neighborhood walking and pronounced my garden to have the prettiest flowers. She then picked these from my back yard and put them into one of my favorite vases. So please bear with my posts about my garden. I am not bragging as much as I am amazed and rest assured in a few weeks the majority of the roses and peonies will be finished for the year and when the heat, and dry