Kevin Rathbun Puts Krog Street on the Map


Sunday evening Rathbuns celebrated their fourth anniversary with a blow out blues barbecue for several hundred people in The Stove Works parking lot. I remember back in 1998, I was looking for a cool space to move my software company into. Twice a week I would drive around town with commercial Realtor, Harry Jenkins looking at Intown buildings and getting an education in commercial real estate on the side. Back then Harry showed me the Stove Works which was for

Rained out

Wouldn’t you know it. I plan my garage sale and an hour and a half into it the rain pours down. I think I made about 100.00 and most of that was from my friend Callahan buying backs gifts she gave me. No just kidding. Well there was the Marilyn Monroe handbag that she gave me for my birthday one year.

Turn on a Dime

I think flexibility is an important attribute and I keep finding plenty of opportunities to practice it on a regular basis. Last week, I worked for three solid days in the garden with my two amigos, getting all of the beds cleaned up, planted and mulched motivated in part by the assigned author of having a barbecue Saturday night.

Dog Proof Outdoor Furniture

Kartell Bubble Sofa

I just called Retromodern and ordered a Philippe Starck, Bubble Club Sofa from Kartell with two arm chairs in pale green. I was having a hard time deciding between the Bubble Club or the Ploof, but just found out that they stopped making the Ploof so “too bad” or maybe it was good that my decision was made for me and I could stop procrastinating.

The Ploof

The Bubble Club is very cool, made from polyethylene and this is just the thing for my retro-modern garden patio and Basset Hound ranch. I thought (for about ten seconds) about getting one of those comfy outdoor sectional sets but what would happen is that my dogs would each claim one and without us outside all the time telling them to get off the furniture it would be bad. After two weeks no one would ever want to sit on them again.

I guess if I want comfy, I’ll have to go next door to Kevin Rathbun Steak. They have a very cozy outdoor area with comfy sectionals and coffee tables on what was the loading dock of their building and it faces onto the Beltline (actually its the same setting as my back deck but without the dogs). When I go there, I actually prefer sitting outside. And since I am not a make a reservation a month in advance type of girl, its a great secret ( well, it was anyway) since I can usually count on walking right in and getting my favorite seat.

Maybe since I am buying this furniture from Retromodern, they will put me on their mailing list. Before this I hadn’t ever done more than drool on their stuff, I was not on their list and I missed out finding out about their HUGE moving sale last year – until the week after. Ever since I keep hearing of the fabulous pieces that this or that person picked up for 40 dollars or so. Oh well. They were supposed to have their new store open in January or February, but as we in the construction business know, it always takes longer than you think. Their store is now planned to open in May over in the West Midtown area a few blocks from the new Knoll showroom.