Endodontist with a View

The next time you need a root canal, I can recommend Dr. Jeffery Pafford as being the Endodontist with the best
view from his dental chair. This is the view from his 9th floor office in the Medical Building at 755 Commerce located behind Decatur Hospital.

The thing is when I went to get my root canal, Dr Pafford found that my molar aka, tooth number 31, was cracked. So then he had to send me down to the basement of the same building to see Dr. John Muse, an Oral Surgeon, to take the tooth out. Ouch. No, John Muse did a great job. I did not feel a thing until I was home and now it hurts!

Artists in Residence

I am having a lot of fun running the The Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast here at 130 A Krog Street in Atlanta. I am not your typical Bed and Breakfast proprietor. First of all, I don’t take just anyone, anytime. If someone calls at the last minute wanting accommodations, I sweetly say, Oh, I’m so sorry we don’t have any availability for tonight. Or if they call with some attitude or weird situation, same response, “no room at the inn”. But we have had some really great guests and actually none that were not great in their own way.

Wedding at the Urban Oasis

My friends Mickey and Jackie tied the knot Saturday night, here at the Urban Oasis. Jackie’s Mom, Kathy and Dad, Jack and her Aunts and Uncles also stayed here for the weekend.

Back in the fall, when Jackie and her mother went looking at event spaces, Jackie told her that she knew of a great warehouse loft space that did weddings. But I think a warehouse space didn’t exactly fit her mom’s pictures of the setting where Jackie would get married.

Three Resons to Come to the Alley Behind Joe’s Warehouse

1) Fresh frozen Salmon fillets,
2) Fresh frozen Whole Salmon fillets,
3) Fresh Smoked and frozen salmon fillets.

Okay people today is your last chance to get your wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon. Come to the alley behind Joe’s Loft (corner of Boulevard and Irwin, on the Irwin side near the dumpster) from 3:00 – 8:00 PM and bring cash, checks or charge cards. Joe’s buddy, Tony the Fish Boy, is back in town from Alaska with his delightful girlfriend Heather, two German Short Hair Pointers and a trailer full of fresh frozen Salmon that he caught himself in Alaska this past season. Tony sells wholesale to fancy schmancy restaurants and groceries, but he always stops twice a year in Atlanta, to see his pal Joe and keeps all of Joe’s friends and neighbors in Salmon. And as Tony says,

straight from my boat to your plate!

Zombies Seen Walking in Oakland Cemetary

Inman Park neighbor, Karen Goeckle reminded all the folks on Inman Park’s Yahoo Group about the annual Atlanta Horrorfest Zombie walk coming up on Sunday, October 26th, 2008 as a part of World Zombie Day.

Karen said,

For those of you looking to get your zombie on, this is a lot of good (ahh not so clean) family fun. We took our four year old last year and he refused to get dressed up but wanted to be chased by all of the zombies. It was pretty funny. It made for some fun family photos and gets you in the holiday mood.

Highland Bakery Cake Art

photo by Ben Rose

Karen Portaleo is an artist, her medium is sugar, her studio, the Highland Bakery. She makes the most amazing looking cakes I’ve ever seen and they are also some of the best tasting cakes I’ve ever eaten. You can see her work here in this photo by Ben Rosa and on the photogallery on the Highland Bakery Website.

Recently Karen made this three and a half foot tall dress cake based on one of Isaac Mizrahi’s 2007 line for a fund raiser. The Sunday paper did an article reporting on this event and how Karen made this edible art.

My Favorite View in Atlanta

This is my favorite Atlanta view. Isn’t it amazing? It is the view as seen from Freedom Parkway and Boulevard.

And this is my favorite house. I haven’t actually been inside this house but has a front row seat to my favorite view!

When I was building out my lofts on Krog Street I watched as this house was being built. I had heard that it had been a little warehouse that had once housed a car repair business. The owner bought it and fought to be able to build on to it. I have always have loved it and would look at it and wonder what it was like looking out from within. I have watched over time how the the trees and gardens on the decks have matured. Mine at Krog Street have too.

Get Your Fall Gardening Fix

I have to admit I am a “fairweather” gardener. I do the minimum I can during the summer when the heat and the mosquitoes drive me insane but come fall or spring I get back out there. Yesterday, Duane and I took my at least once a season trip out to Lawrenceville to Randy’s Perennials and Water Gardens to check out his unusual selection of plants. Randy has the best palms, cacti, agaves and succulents as well as a huge selection of perrenials that you probably won’t find at your Home Depot garden center. I got some beautiful Mexican Sage while I was there which I have a hard time finding anywhere around town.