Time to Overhaul the Studio

Before – Very Dusty

Mid- Way Through – Not Dusty, but a big old mess

For the past couple of months, I have noticed the dust accumulation on my office shelves. Every so often I would kind of swipe the exposed parts with a feather duster, but I knew it was a half measure and that massive dust deposits were lurking behind every photograph and object d’art. I was just too darn busy to deal with it.

But this past weekend, (not that I wasn’t busy, in fact I was very busy) I could stand it no longer and decided I would just get out the Endust. Well, one thing led to another and now in addition to dusting the shelves I find myself going through boxes of photographs, kids art work ( they are now 20 and 22) and trying to find a container big enough for my

Addicted to Keith and Rachel

Now that the election is over I still find myself tuning in to MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olberrman” at 9:00 and “The Rachel Maddow Show” at 10:00. It’s not that there isn’t any news these days post-election, but it was just so damned exciting before. What crazy ass thing was McCain going to do next? What are the polls saying? What was Sarah up to?

Back in the golden days of yesteryear ( actually about two years ago), I loved to listen to Rachell Maddow on Air America. She was smart and funny and slightly sarcastic but did I mention that she was really smart? It turns out that she has a PhD in Political Science from Oxford University where she was a Rhodes Scholar. But then Air America was taken out of the Atlanta Market and we progressive Democrats were back in the wilderness in regards to good daily news with a good dose of fact checking regarding the shenanigans that were going down in Washington with the Bush and Cheney crew.

Tony’s Wild Alaska Salmon Recipes

I put these recipes from Tony the Fishboy at the end of my last post but felt like they deserved one all to themselves. There are more on his website

Wild Alaska Salmon Seviche

(makes 4 servings)


  • 1 medium red pepper
  • 1 medium yellow pepper
  • 1 medium orange pepper (Use any color but no green pepper)
  • 1 medium red onion
  • 3 small tomatoes
  • Bunch of fresh cilantro
  • 6-8 Lemons or ( 1 cup juice)
  • 6 -8 Limes or ( 1 cup juice)
  • Tabasco
  • Salt and Black Pepper
  • 4 6-oz Wild salmon fillets


  1. Squeeze fresh lemons and limes to obtain 2 cups of citrus juice.
  2. Thaw and skin the fillets and dice the fish into small pieces the size of garbanzo beans.
  3. Add the fish to marinate in the citrus juice while cutting up the vegetables ( 20 minutes for the raw fish to be “cooked” by the acid in the juice.
  4. Dice the vegetables into small pieces to look like you see in Pico de Gallo
  5. Add the Vegetables to the fish and citrus juice
  6. Add Salt, Pepper and some Tabasco to taste
  7. Serve on leaves of Belgian Endive or Tortilla chips or all by itself!

Seared Wild Salmon with Teriyaki Wasabi Dipping Sauce
(makes 4 servings)


  • 4-5 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil, divided
  • 4 6-oz Wild salmon fillets
  • Tony’s Wild Rub or other conglomeration of spicy spices to include garlic, salt, black pepper, paprika
  • 2 T Sesame seeds
  • 4T Teriyaki sauce
  • Wasabi paste to taste

1. Preheat a large skillet over medium-high heat with a few turns of the pan of olive oil, about 3 Tbsp.
2. Mix up the teriyaki sauce and add wasabi to taste.
3. Rub the thawed and skinned fish fillets with the Wild rub or spice mixture and then dip on a plate of sesame seeds on each side.
4. Transfer the fish to the hot skillet. Cook for 4-5 minutes on each side or until cooked to desired doneness.

Fish Bone Apetit!

Does On-line Dating Work?

You bet it does. I was reading an old copy of Wired Magazine (May 2008) and ran across an interesting statistic, 17% of on-line daters have met their matches and actually gotten into marriages or long-term relationships. They point out that it is the same number of people (3 million!) that have met and married through church. So I guess that means you may double your chances to meet your mate if you go on-line and attend church but I think on-line dating is the greatest way to meet people if you are looking for a relationship.

Duane and I met through Match.com. In fact we had a dinner party and three of the four couples there had met on-line. I remember one Christmas helping one of my sisters fill out her profile and my mother was giving us a hard time about it. But hey she met a really nice guy and they have now been married about 5 years.

Thank God for Bernie

My kids were lifers at Paideia School, from 3- 17 years old. I knew before I even had them that they would go to school there. I wanted to go to school there. That is how it was with all of us Paideia parents. We recognized it when we saw it. Paideia was a special place, capable of amazing things, only one of which was an education. As a clinical psychologist, who as a child had moved around from school to horrible catholic school, I craved for myself and my kids a stable living situation. And I wanted them to go to a school that encouraged a love for learning and created well balanced well educated children who where encouraged and not punished for thinking for themselves.

Smokin’ Hot President?

Great article by Michael Seitzman in the Huffington Post called Sarah Palin Naked. It basically sums up how I feel about her. Palin’s recent interviews were atrocious in that they showed her to be a glib, bullshitter who does not have the education, world experience, or depth of understanding and experience of and with people to be the Commander in Chief of our diverse nation on the global stage.

I recently called one of my Republican friends who I use to have great heated political discussions before he moved out of state, to get his views on Palin. Now this guy, is very bright, has six hundred people working for him in the finance industry, and when I asked him about his views on Palin, his first words were,

She’s smokin hot!