Prodigical Daughter

I started blogging about five years ago and I had no idea what I was doing or what to write about.  But I had discovered WordPress and I realized at the time that this was going to be big; that it was a pivotable moment in my life. I just had no idea where I […]

Animated Signature

This is an experiment. I made an animated signature in PhotoShop with some great instructions I found on-line. I then read a post by Lorelle who does WordPress tutorials about how to insert the PHP code into the main index template for the signature to show up at the end of a post. So we now need a drum roll . . . Well back to the drawing board!


The Vendor/Client Relationship

I just love those girls at the Moxie Design Studio. In fact they first taught me to blog with their book the “It Girls Guide to Blogging with Moxie”. It was the only pink book in the computer section at Banes and Nobles and I snatched it up. Highly recommend it. Anyway they posted a video on their blog on the vendor /client relationship. It is pretty funny. And true.

Setting up a New Blog Site

orange_bone_medNew Tricks is helping my sister Linda start a blog site. We got her a domain name on Go Daddy. They have .me domain names readily available which I think are great. In fact New Ticks is a .me domain. Linda was able to obtain Now isn’t that cool for only 14.00 per year?

Along with the domain name we got her a delux hosted account. It takes several hours for them to make it active but then you can go to apps and have GO Daddy install a copy of Wordpress and a database for a blog site. We just got her set up and now we are going to look for a theme. More to come later.

Recycled Clothing takes on a new meaning

Here is an outfit I found for Myrna Perez, proprietor of the cute little Fruteria and cafe, Lotta Frutta on Auburn Ave. Kind of a Caren Miranda shops at Target look.

ccccswing-coatAnd Here is one for the Dene who worked without rest on the Obama campaign. Called the voter swing coat, it is made of voter registration posters (hanging on the wall in the photo) cut into half inch wide strips and woven together.
There are plenty of other options for all of your peeps here on this site Recycle Runway!

Bloggin in my Jammies, and other secrets of the self-employed

pajama-dayI had lunch with a friend yesterday who quit her corporate job some months ago and has done incredible things traveling to exotic locales and working her tail off while coordinating volunteers to help get Obama elected, (see her post about it today on Daily Kos). But now the real world has set in and she is looking for that next thing. Having taken that plunge myself very many years ago, I was giving her advise. You see it is always so much easier to tell other people what to do. My friend has a blog, Look Don’t Leap, and she was going to document her year off and how it would take her to the next big thing… whatever that was. Only it

My Dogs are Blogging Again

My three amigosMy friend Joe says there are definite signs that I am in between jobs and have what he calls “too much time on my hands”. One of them is when my dogs start blogging. A few years ago, I signed up for a Dogster account and fooled around with that for a bit. That is actually what prompted me to start my own blog. I went into Google and searched on my business name, J.C.Knight Properties, Inc, and what came up in the search engine was my dog, Craig’s Dogster Diary. That was a wake up call and a lesson on search engine optimization. It seems that there are several reasons blogs are cruised by the bots more regularly one is that the content is updated more frequently, another is that they like the linking that goes on in most blogs.

Shortly after that lesson I started my Word Press blog. I have been having fun with it but haven’t really optimized it to bring in more business. My original website, I did back in the Dark Ages with Microsoft ‘s FrontPage, is still up. I have been meaning to incorporate all of the content with my blog, but haven’t. It is more fun and easier to

Let It Snow

It has been unseasonably cold here in Atlanta this month, and today we have that overcast look it gets before a snow. But, the only snow I see is on Matt Mullinweg’s blogsite. I really love his new blog design and today I was admiring it again and either there is actually snow coming down […]