The Client is Always Right

The client is always right The client is always right. The client is always right. The client is always right. The client is always right. If I had a chalk board I would write this 500 times like Sister Loretta Joesph would have us do in the fifth grade if we got caught doing something wrong. In my case it is about getting frustrated with the dance that we do as designers, working with what the client wants and what they “should” do. Of course the problem is the “should” is always from our perspective. And I do have to admit that , Gasp….I am not always right.

Usually when someone comes to me

New Tricks Design and Social Network Marketing

box_dog_275 It’s always a sign that something’s up when I don’t post for a week or so. So in the past two weeks, I have started a new business. Actually, I have named a business that I was basically doing under the auspices of JC Knight Properties,Inc which sounds kind of BLAND. It also really does not go with what I am doing. So what Am I Doing? Our new name is New Tricks Design. The idea is that my design work is a little different than the ordinary ho hum. It is on the edge without being edgy. I have always seemed to have a knack for getting in on a trend on the front end of the spectrum. After the building

Eulegy to Domino

I was whining to our Bed and Breakfast guests this weekend, about the news of the closing of my favorite design magazine. Tom and Judy had not had a chance to become acquainted with this plucky little Design rag so I ran and brought them a stack just to show how much they have missed. I just got an e-mail from Tom, with a link to a coincidental article he found this morning in the Palm Beach Post about Domino that falls into the category of things I wish I wrote. Although I must say, Nicole Neal, of the Palm Beach Post, sums up my feelings for the demise of Domino magazine much better than I did, or could.

My Old Friend Domino Soon no More

domino012809I have been faithfully purchasing Domino from the newsstand each and every month for the last several years. This Christmas when the kids were asking for Christmas present ideas from me, I put Domino on my list. I was very sad to learn that they are closing this magazine with its accessible, creative, design ideas for real people. I am glad that I have saved the back issues so I can go over them again and again while waiting for the new edition that never comes.

Recycled Clothing takes on a new meaning

Here is an outfit I found for Myrna Perez, proprietor of the cute little Fruteria and cafe, Lotta Frutta on Auburn Ave. Kind of a Caren Miranda shops at Target look.

ccccswing-coatAnd Here is one for the Dene who worked without rest on the Obama campaign. Called the voter swing coat, it is made of voter registration posters (hanging on the wall in the photo) cut into half inch wide strips and woven together.
There are plenty of other options for all of your peeps here on this site Recycle Runway!