Memo to the Obamas: You don’t need to decorate at Ikea

Bush Oval Office Rug

My friend Claudia made me take a tour of the white house once, for which I am now grateful, since I would never have stood in a hot, two hour line without her urging and cajoling, but the tour didn’t include the oval office.

Recently, the Press made a big deal out of the fact that Bill Clinton gushed over how much he liked the new Oval Office rug during a meeting hosted by W. for the former living Presidents. I thought I would check it out.

The Oval Office was created in 1909 when William Howard Taft expanded the West Wing of the White House. The White House already had an

My Hotel Fetish

Knowing how much I love the design of the Ace Hotel, Kate, Barrista extraordinaire at Danneman’s Coffee, sent me a link to a New York Times article about the design of the latest Ace Hotel which will open in March in New York City at 20 West 29th Street ( Broadway). There is also an […]

Now is the Time to Decorate for Next Year

I was in Anthropologie the day after Christmas, which by the way was a stupid thing to do. I found a few things on sale and then went to get in the line and YIKES!, the line wound around and practically went out of the door . I set my few little items down and on the way out admired the decorations they had in the window. I realized that I too could have something as wonderful as that, next year, at my house if I went about it wisely.

So this morning Duane (by the way, he is a Saint)

The Official Color for 2009

According to Samantha Critchell, blogging for the Huffington Post,yellow is the official color for this year.

Pantone, which provides color standards to design industries, specifically cites “mimosa,” a vibrant shade of yellow illustrated by the flowers of some mimosa trees as well as the brunch-favorite cocktail, as its top shade of the new year.

This does not surprise me. I have found myself drawn to deep yellow lately. It is a great color. I just used a color much like Mimosa for an Island in Judy Clement’s Kitchen.

Local painter extraordinaire, Janice Zabitz, painted the Island and distressed it. After mucho patience to put on mucho coats of paint, crackle glaze and varnish, it turned out oh so yummy looking. mmmm mmmm. It makes me happy. Here, here for yellow!

I love this kitchen – if I do say so myself.

Almost finished… And it really is almost finished. Judy’s kitchen in her Inman Park cottage has turned out wonderfully. I love it when I can see something in my mind’s eye and then, like a negative in developing fluid, it begins to appear before my very eyes.

Judy has a huge collection of beautifully colored pottery bowls and folk art that will knock your socks off. Her her house looks like it has been there for years, when really her apartment in the house

Creativity Galore Inside and Out

I just snuck off for an hour from the Obama “Get out the Vote” district center being housed at my loft, to go to an art sale in Candler Park at the home of Janie Wright. She Has a studio in a small building in her backyard which is a delight. One of Janie’s former obsessions was creating gourd art. Now she has gone over to shells.
I just love to look at artist studios and Janie’s is an amazingly delightful place. Her work area is full of shells, separated into containers by type with all of her supplies readily available. This little studio set back in a lovely garden, looks like it would be a wonderful place to work or just to sit and bask in the dappled sunlight.

Zinc Look Countertops

I am doing a country kitchen for a really charming Inman Park home and have been looking into zinc countertops for it. I’m finding the whole zinc thing a bit of a mystery. Some people say they can’t get zinc. Some people say that their table tops are zinc when they are really galvanized steel with a patina. Some admit their tops are steel with a patina and that they do that since the zinc only comes in 39″ sheets. Some tops that are supposed to be zinc look to me that they are really galvanized. Oh my, just whats a girl to do?

Kitchen Punchlist Countdown

It won’t be long now. Maureen’s kitchen is almost finished. We got the hood hung back up today at a height that won’t poke Ray’s eyes out, finished putting the light rail up, trimmed out the microwave shelf, adjusted cabinets, ordered the thresholds from the tile floor to the wood floor, had the Corian people come out and fix the countertop where they had cut the hole too big for the range (their mistake). Its a good thing it was Corian and not granite since they were able to just melt up some more material and meld it together. Volia, like magic it was fixed.