Craig the Basset Hound ate 20 Dates Stuffed with Coconut and Rolled in Sugar


No Craig didn’t actually roll in sugar, but he did eat the dates stuffed with a nut and coconut which were rolled in powdered sugar. I was kind of worried since I was having a party that night and expected a gigantic stomach ache at the least. But no he seemed fine. People didn’t know that even though Craig is very short, he is very long and therefore could get up to the table and help himself. Thank goodness my husband saw him before he started on the second plate.

Using Social Marketing to Job hunt

I like this idea, great social marketing. Rebecca Keegan is fresh,funny and unemployed. She is the former Hollywood corespondent for Time Magazine and now, since she lost that plum job, she is going around Hollywood being filmed doing interviews with interesting people with whom she might get a job. See her interview of Watchman Director Zach Snyder. I know about Rebecca through her husband Marty Keegan (at the end of the video, her is the guy on the couch playing at playing the guitar).

Marty stayed here with us in Atlanta, at the Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast, while his short film, Verboten, was in the film competition at Dragon Con. He didn’t know before he scheduled a five day stay , what Dragon Con was exactly, so when he found out, he spent a lot of time hanging out with me. It was great to have Marty here as a guest, since Duane was out of town for three weeks setting up the Republican convention. I was really glad he turned out not to be one of those pale, paunchy guys that dress up like Darth Vader, and have never had a date. His film won an award too.

You might ask,”What the heck is Twitter?”

I have been hounding people in my life to get on Facebook. It is just so much easier than to have to keep people updated by e-mail. But then there is also Twitter. It is even harder to explain. But when the Senators are sitting there during Obama’s speech twittering like a bunch of highschool students then you know something is up. Here is a great little video of how it works. Tweet Tweet.

Furminator Deals with Effects of Global Warming

What I want to know is why is my dog shedding like crazy the week before Christmas? Is this a side effect of global warming? There are huge puff balls of hair floating around the house two hours after vacuuming. At least only one of the three Bassets is such a fur burger.

This afternoon in preparation for the holidays, I decided to get out the Furminator. I was wearing black fleece pants and a fleece vest and I have to say that was not the best furminating outfit. Like the picture portrays, I filled up an entire garbage bag with dog hair but I had been sitting on the ground so when I got up I was covered in hair. Not just a little hair but more like a heavy layer of fur all over my clothes. Duane had to vacuum me off before I could put my clothes in the washer. I have vacuumed the dog before but I have yet to put him in the washer.

Felted Heart Studio

Peanut in Felted Heart Sweater

Help, my business is taking over my house!

said Mary Sweeney.

In 2006, Mary stumbled upon a stash of forsaken wool sweaters in a local thrift store, and visions of pretty ponchos for her three year old daughter danced in her head. It seemed to Mary that these forlorn wool sweaters could be rescued and repurposed into stylish, durable fashions for kids. A marathon runner who back in the day, qualified for Olympic Trials. Mary was not running quite as much and when she got this inspiration she sprinted into inspired motion and started cutting and stitching. Other moms started asking Mary to make these lovingly handcrafted ponchos for their daughters and Felted Heart was born.