Meet Eileen

eileen-002-2This was one of my better finds. Sam Crawford was moving his video production studio, Mamarama, from 130 Krog Street to LA last month. I bought a couple of big items from him for Mary’s studio while he was moving out. When I came to get my things from his office, Sam pulled out a large box and gave it to me and said you can have this wooden model, I have never put even put her together. He said, your sister can have her if whenever she sees her she sends good thoughts to my for my company.

Friday afternoon when I went to the Felted Heart studio, Mark, Mary and Sean had put her together as a surprise for me. It made me smile. Mary’s husband, John, named her Eileen because she does.

Mark Needelman, The Art of Construction

blog-075Mark Needelman is an artist first and a construction person only by happenstance since he really is an artist in everything he does and he one of those people who can do anything ( welds, sews, makes airplanes, fixes cars, does concrete sculptures, dances, does CPR on people choking in restaurants, listens carefully). I have had the pleasure of working with him on Mary Sweeney’s Felted Heart studio. It was a dumpy little cinderblock cave and together we transformed it into a wonderful work space in the 658 Studios on Angier Avenue.

American Goldfinch

american-goldfinchI thought I saw a canary sitting on my fence but I looked it up and saw that it was a mating American Goldfinch. Sometimes they are called a wild canary. Whatever it is called it was quite beautiful. The male is all bright yellow in the summer when he is mating the rest of the year he is more drab in color like the females.

Imaginary Friend or Long Lost Brother ?


Eric is one of Duane and my Tango “litter mates”. We started taking tango lessons at the same time and have gotten to be good friends over this past year. When we went to Argentina this Spring we shared an apartment with Eric and had a great time together. From the first time Eric met Duane, he told us that Duane had a look alike named Myles, an artist friend of his from Nashville. Eric would tell tales of Myles escapades and make Myles seem fabulous and larger than life.

Looking Super

Danneman’s is now painted and the old furniture has been purchased by Bobby at the Pizza place down the street, so it is mostly cleaned out. Grant and I started bringing in and arranging all of our treasures . It’s pretty funny that we are both obsessed in the same way. We arrange things and then have to stand around and admire it. We even went back over there tonight. I had gone to Home Depot and bought two palms for either side of the front door. Grant met me over at the building to help me get them out of the car and bring them inside. But truth be told, we both just wanted to see how it looked at night and congratulate each other on how great it’s looking.