Republican National Committee RFP for Web Design

I kind of feel sorry for them. Michael Steele has put out an RFP for a website design for the Republican National Committee. Duane sent it to me and thought Dene and I might like to have New Tricks, send them a proposal. No Way!

Steele says,

If we haven’t done it – let’s do it. If we haven’t thought of it- lets think of it. If it hasn’t been tried- Why not? If it’s going to be outside the box-then not only keep it outside the box, but take it someplace the box hasn’t reached yet.

They are pitiful, sort of following along trying to be cool. With all of the creativity of fourth graders copying the smart guy’s homework, they get a black chairman. They most likely think he is “cool” since he uses slang such as the term “Baby”, ( as in “That’s right, Baby”) in every other sentence. It is hard to believe the mighty have stooped this low. But while it seemed that the Republicans could not be stopped when Bush/Cheeney were in office, they really only served themselves with little thought of taking care of the party or the people. And now they are scurrying around trying to catch up with the Obama machine in the cool technology department. Not a chance. It is like watching a bad performance of someone that doesn’t know how bad they are.

My Hotel Fetish

Knowing how much I love the design of the Ace Hotel, Kate, Barrista extraordinaire at Danneman’s Coffee, sent me a link to a New York Times article about the design of the latest Ace Hotel which will open in March in New York City at 20 West 29th Street ( Broadway). There is also an […]

Towels from Anthropologie

Do you need a last minute gift? These dish towels are beautiful and come in a set of three for 24.00. I happen to love this set that Judy Clements bought for her newly renovated kitchen but they also come in several other color ways.

I went to Anthropologie the other day but there were so many things I loved that I came down with a bad case of shoppers paralysis. You may find me there the day after Christmas.

Chasing Butterflys

Mister in the country from Mark & Katie on Vimeo.

This video is an antidote to the Zombie Post a couple of days ago. I had to get that out of my mind. I Mister is the little Chihuahua dog that travels with Katie and Mark around the country in a very small travel trailer. You can see how happy he is when he gets to stop and get out. Katie and Mark are as devoted to Mister as he is to them. They say,

He spends his time like a true romantic — creating art, singing, meditating, cheering up his friends, providing optimism and encouragement.

Mister sounds like the perfect traveling companion. You can find out more about Mark and Katie’s trip at their website Wanderful, which is by the way, wonderful.