Mardi Gras Dinner Menu and Recipes

Duane and I recently joined a neighborhood dinner club and went to the yearly organizational meeting with cocktails and apps. In this meeting all of the interested parties are randomly divided into six dinner groups of twelve people each. The assigned groups members get to meet each other and work out the details and schedule for the year which includes meeting for dinner at someone’s house five times, every other month. Then at end of the year there is another large group wrap up dinner.

Although this dinner club has been going for several years, this will be our first time to take part. Duane and I offered to host the dinner for February and I just realized that it conveniently falls around Mardi Gras so we can do Cajun food. As hostess this month, I get to set the menu and make the main dish and the others will sign up to make the various side dishes.I decided to use this forum to post the menu and recipes that way my new dinner club members will have to go to my blog to sign up for their dish. Am I stooping that low to get new blog readers? Ha.

The Mardi Gras Menu


  • Beer
  • Wine
  • La Croix
  • Decaf Coffee with Chicory


  • Oysters Bienville
  • Crabmeat on melba rounds


Savory Comfort Food for a Cold Sunday Afternoon

It was a late Sunday morning, the day before Amanda, her Brazilian boyfriend Leandro, and Michael were leaving to go skiing for a week and then back to school after a long Winter Break. Time for a last family dinner with my two Atlanta sisters and their families. “What should we make?” asked Mary, as she thumbed through a gourmet cookbook she got for Christmas. “There is a great

Itinerary for December 6th Weekend of Fun

We have a B and B here at 130 Krog Street and this weekend we have a full house. Our guests are three men gator fans, and one is bringing his 17 year old son and 20 year old daughter from Florida coming up to see University of Florida beat Alabama on Saturday afternoon . One of them wrote to ask me what they should do with themselves while they are here. So I prepared the following customized itinerary

Song for “Misses” Palin

This song written and sung about and to Sarah Palin by two Russian guys, Vlad and Boris is hilarious. I hope they don’t have too much longer to wait until she is back in Alaska where they can look at her through their ” teliscop” they made themselves, “out of duck tape and the thing that holds the rapping paper”. You betcha!

Meanwhile over here in Inman Park things are heating up as evidenced by the fact that someone stole my sister Mary’s McCain sign from her yard. I wouldn’t have stooped to that but I have to admit I am glad it is gone.

Artists in Residence

I am having a lot of fun running the The Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast here at 130 A Krog Street in Atlanta. I am not your typical Bed and Breakfast proprietor. First of all, I don’t take just anyone, anytime. If someone calls at the last minute wanting accommodations, I sweetly say, Oh, I’m so sorry we don’t have any availability for tonight. Or if they call with some attitude or weird situation, same response, “no room at the inn”. But we have had some really great guests and actually none that were not great in their own way.