Meat Meat Meat Meat

Mickey Young is a maniac. He had the great idea of saving money on grass fed organic beef by buying a cow. So he talked me into this scheme. It sounded like a good idea, and we bought a standing freezer to share. Then we had to wait for our steer to be ready. We named him Hank. Hank was ready last week and we got him yesterday. But Mickey decide that since this farmer would not have any more steers ready until next Spring, that maybe he should go ahead and buy a half of another steer. SO he drives up yesterday with 12 large packing boxes full of frozen cow, in a zip car. We were sweating it that it would all fit in the freezer. But by hook and by crook (and some packing genius) we got Hank and half of his buddy in there tight.

Beautiful Dancing

I was very excited when Robyn called me today to tell me that she had been watching You Tube videos of the dance routines from the past two weeks of So You Think You Can Dance. We are fanatics and have been getting together every week to watch the results show. Before we watch it […]