I am on Jane Fonda’s Blog

Picture of Jane and her Dog taken with my I-Phone.Last night I went to a Planned Parenthood Event as a guest of Dene Shepherd’s where Jane Fonda was the keynote speaker. Here is a picture of Jane and her dog taken by me with my I-phone. It was a nasty rainy night but there was quite a crowd. And the topic and event was timely with the passing of the House Health care Bill on the tails of the Stupak/Pitts Amendment. Here is what Jane had to say about the bill before it passed,

Women’s health means rightwing stealth. At the last minute, the Stupak/Pitts Amendment was attached to the Health Care Reform Bill. This amendment violates the underlying principle of health care reform, as articulated by President Obama, that “no one will lose the benefits they currently have.” Truth is that under the Stupak/Pitts Amendment, millions of women would lose benefits they already have and millions more would be prohibited from getting the kind of private sector health care coverage that most women have today. ie: millions of women would lose private coverage for abortion services and millions more would be prohibited from buying it even with their own money.

And here is a picture of the crowd taken by Jane and posted on her blog today, with me in the upper right hand corner.

Cool Little Eye-Fi solves Photo Uploading Woes

eye-fi_card_sharergbThis falls in the category of a very cool new trick. Sometimes something comes along that truly makes one’s life easier. I know there are always new technologies coming down the pike but how many times do you get something and you can barely understand how to use a tenth of it? So now I am here to share with you what might be one of your most used devices of the year. Introducing Eye-Fi. This is a little orange 4 gig memory card that goes into your camera to replace your old one and then it is magic. You go stand within ten feet of your computer and depending on which level you get it will 1) upload all of the photos on it to your computer, or 2) your computer and a website (like Flickr) or 3) your photos and movies to your computer and a website. Now how is that for a dream answered?

I have been telling our City Councilman, Kwanza Hall that he needs to stop taking pictures with his Blackberry because they are all blurry. Kwanza is active on Facebook and Twitter and is all over Atlanta. He posts lots of fuzzy photos that cause you to squint and wonder if you are going blind. I asked him about it and he said that he can’t use his little camera because the memory card is always full. He explained that being on the run he forgets to go through the tedious process to unload his photos. Now I have just solved his problem. All of Atlanta will be thanking me for getting him squared away with this little piece of new technology. Chalk this one up to a New Trick that is going to make us all really happy.

Inauguration Diary – January 20

6:00 AM – Duane stealthily got dressed and left for work doing the camera and wiring over at Lafayette Park where a lot of network anchors were set up.

6:30 AM Claudia and I got up and felt pretty good about going to the mall with the crowds. We put lots of layers on plus woolly hats and socks and I felt like a little kid in a snow suit. Weather says it is 20 degrees and should warm up a bit with the sun out.

7:30 AM We decided to head over to the Washington Monument as a large indicator of exactly where

Inauguration Diary January 19

8:30 AM – Joe took Claudia and I to the Airport. ( its nice to have nice friends).

9:45AM – We’re at the Atlanta airport, Claudia gets out her guidebook and I take out my iPhone. Its a race between new and old school to see
who finds a great place for lunch once we get into DC. She thumbs through her book and I give Urban Spoon a shake. Et voila, we both come up with Matchbox, a little bar restaurant on H street in Chinatown around the corner from where we were staying at the Renaissance Hotel. Claudia called and made reservations. I called that round a tie.

1:00 PM – Took the

I Lost My Ticket to the Inauguration


My sister, Edna, called me Saturday thrilled to have found an engraved invitation to the Inauguration in her mailbox that afternoon. She loved getting it, feeling it and smelling it. We kind of figured that she got it for making several substantial donations to Obama’s campaign along the way. I also made donations throughout the campaign as well as worked on it and I didn’t get one. But hey, I wasn’t going to waste any time feeling slighted because what I realized in a split second was that