A Whirlwind of a Political Season

The fact that Obama was actually elected President of the United States is just incredible. It is so nice to finally be working on the side that won. What a great feeling. I could not believe when the moron sheep of this Nation voted for George Bush – a second time.

I have been impressed with Obama from the time that I read his first book about his father. That was a couple of years before he ran for President. I liked him but I came to respect and admire him more and more over time. During this campaign McCain showed himself to be an erratic, opportunist who did not have a clue about what American’s wanted or needed from a President. Choosing Sarah Palin as a running mate and then acting so bizarrely with the economic crisis, whew…not very presidential. I was appalled. No way could we let them win. Whereas Obama has been steller. He ran a great campaign. it was impeccable.

From Friday October 31 to November 4, I had a front row seat to the get Obama elected volunteer efforts. I donated our loft space on Krog street to be a count down staging area for three Intown polling stations. Here is a little video piece on what we did leading up the Obama Election.

The next day after the election when the hangovers abated, everyone just moved on over to work on the Martin campaign. And we have been working our buns off to get him elected. Swarms of people from all over the country have come to Georgia to help.

He Shook My Hand

Today at the Clinton rally I found myself in the second row of people right behind the barricade for the Jim Martin Rally at Clark Atlanta. Clinton gave a great speech. He said Jim can get elected if we want it bad enough. That’s what it takes. Chambliss is counting on people not going out to vote and it is up to us to make sure that they do, if we want it enough.

After the speech, Clinton came over the the barricade and started working ht eline. I just willed him over. I knew he would come my way. And then he did and well actually it was more like a clasp of hands, we shared a moment. Bill Clinton ranks way up there in my book of famous people I would like to spend an evening with. I am on cloud nine.

She shared the stage with Clinton. . .

Our very own Dene Shepherd spoke today at President Clinton’s Rally for Jim Martin at Clark Atlanta University. Dene has been tireless in her dedication to getting Obama elected and the day after Obama was elected she was down at the Martin campaign headquarters volunteering for Jim Martin. Dene worked for months at the Spring Street Obama office and then she was the lead person for our Get out the Vote effort here at Krog Street for the five days leading up to the election.

Addicted to Keith and Rachel

Now that the election is over I still find myself tuning in to MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olberrman” at 9:00 and “The Rachel Maddow Show” at 10:00. It’s not that there isn’t any news these days post-election, but it was just so damned exciting before. What crazy ass thing was McCain going to do next? What are the polls saying? What was Sarah up to?

Back in the golden days of yesteryear ( actually about two years ago), I loved to listen to Rachell Maddow on Air America. She was smart and funny and slightly sarcastic but did I mention that she was really smart? It turns out that she has a PhD in Political Science from Oxford University where she was a Rhodes Scholar. But then Air America was taken out of the Atlanta Market and we progressive Democrats were back in the wilderness in regards to good daily news with a good dose of fact checking regarding the shenanigans that were going down in Washington with the Bush and Cheney crew.

Take Election Day Off and Volunteer to make History

Obama is taking the campaign to the people and getting the volunteers out into the community rather than the local headquarters. On November 1-4 the “Get out the vote” effort for the district that includes the Old Fourth Ward will be housed at my place on Krog Street. This election will be decided by what this grassroots movement can accomplish on Election Day.

There are volunteer shifts to fill throughout the day — make calls, knock on doors, and make sure your fellow voters get to the polls. No previous experience is required. So sign up now, take the day off and make history on November 4th. Volunteer for working here and then we can party.