Towels from Anthropologie

Do you need a last minute gift? These dish towels are beautiful and come in a set of three for 24.00. I happen to love this set that Judy Clements bought for her newly renovated kitchen but they also come in several other color ways.

I went to Anthropologie the other day but there were so many things I loved that I came down with a bad case of shoppers paralysis. You may find me there the day after Christmas.

Colorful Christmas

I have to admit it, I am a color freak. My dirty little secret is that I have over one hundred cans of paint in my garage and that is one hundred, after I recently weeded out the empty dried up cans. So you see, of course I would have had to fall in love with Pantone dishes when I first saw them a couple of years ago at the Fishes Eddy store in New York City. The set at Fishes Eddy did not have mugs, only cups and saucers. But now, I just came across this set of ten mugs for 125.00 from, and I am salivating. These mugs,

Three Resons to Come to the Alley Behind Joe’s Warehouse

1) Fresh frozen Salmon fillets,
2) Fresh frozen Whole Salmon fillets,
3) Fresh Smoked and frozen salmon fillets.

Okay people today is your last chance to get your wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon. Come to the alley behind Joe’s Loft (corner of Boulevard and Irwin, on the Irwin side near the dumpster) from 3:00 – 8:00 PM and bring cash, checks or charge cards. Joe’s buddy, Tony the Fish Boy, is back in town from Alaska with his delightful girlfriend Heather, two German Short Hair Pointers and a trailer full of fresh frozen Salmon that he caught himself in Alaska this past season. Tony sells wholesale to fancy schmancy restaurants and groceries, but he always stops twice a year in Atlanta, to see his pal Joe and keeps all of Joe’s friends and neighbors in Salmon. And as Tony says,

straight from my boat to your plate!

Get Your Fall Gardening Fix

I have to admit I am a “fairweather” gardener. I do the minimum I can during the summer when the heat and the mosquitoes drive me insane but come fall or spring I get back out there. Yesterday, Duane and I took my at least once a season trip out to Lawrenceville to Randy’s Perennials and Water Gardens to check out his unusual selection of plants. Randy has the best palms, cacti, agaves and succulents as well as a huge selection of perrenials that you probably won’t find at your Home Depot garden center. I got some beautiful Mexican Sage while I was there which I have a hard time finding anywhere around town.

Salmon are Running in the ATL

Joe Salmon

Joe’s friend Tony is a commercial fisherman in Alaska and he is coming to visit again bringing the finest wild salmon you can buy. Tony will be at Joe’s loft in the Old Fourth Ward for three days starting Tuesday, September 30th with about 2000 pounds of wild sockeye salmon! He has salmon that was really fresh and flash frozen both filets and steaks, and Tony does a really great smoked salmon. Sometimes he also has crab legs and shrimp. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll send you his way.

Shopping for Caskets On-line

Handmade walnut Casket

My friend Robyn just called with sad news that her good friend Lynn’s brother just died from a very quick bout of cancer. Robyn had been to my Dad’s funeral and called me to find out where we got his casket.

You see when my Dad died was dying he was worried about spending too much for his funeral. One of my sisters and I went to the local funeral home to see about making arrangements and we hated the casket selection. They had aluminum looking metal ones in various colors, that looked like space capsules and were just awful. The wood ones in addition to being really expensive appeared to have the same shiny finish as a Haverty’s dining room suite. And the interiors were made from cheap shiny fabric you’d see on the Adams family.