Meat Meat Meat Meat

Mickey Young is a maniac. He had the great idea of saving money on grass fed organic beef by buying a cow. So he talked me into this scheme. It sounded like a good idea, and we bought a standing freezer to share. Then we had to wait for our steer to be ready. We named him Hank. Hank was ready last week and we got him yesterday. But Mickey decide that since this farmer would not have any more steers ready until next Spring, that maybe he should go ahead and buy a half of another steer. SO he drives up yesterday with 12 large packing boxes full of frozen cow, in a zip car. We were sweating it that it would all fit in the freezer. But by hook and by crook (and some packing genius) we got Hank and half of his buddy in there tight.

Rainy Day Kitchen Design Shopping

Busy rainy day. I had to go to Ikea to pick up a few more cabinet knobs for Maureen’s kitchen, which BTW, is almost finished ( pictures to come soon). While I was there, I checked out their farm sinks to possibly go in a fun cottage kitchen that I am doing in Inman Park. This sink is the cats pajamas, in both looks and price. Have you noticed that it doesn’t usually happen like that? Whatever looks good, even if it is the simpler thing, is usually more expensive. But not the Ikea Domsjo Farm Sink It is 36″ wide with double basins maybe 8 or 9″ deep and the flat drain part behind the sink is fluted. It looks fabulous and it is a bargain at $299.00. They also have a 24″ farm sink but it doesn’t have that great fluted part.

658 Studio Launched with Great Turnout

Great Turnout for the Opening[/caption]

The studio opening party and artist sale continues today from 12-5 at 658 Angier Avenue. Mary has displayed Felted Heart baby clothes and dog sweaters, blankets, onsies and other items and some things are 50% off. I bought some beautiful and comfortable handmade damask covered shoes for 65.00 from Ann Roth, and four pair of fantastic earrings from Tracy Tirrell. I have been eying Jacqueline Sanchez’s Lego jewelery but can’t make up my mind which piece to get.

658 Studio Launch and Art Sale

Mary’s Felted Heart Business is ready to roll in the 658 Studio building on Angier Avenue in the Old Fourth Ward. She shares her space with Emile, a soap maker whose business is called “Mama”. It is a really great idea to share space with a soap maker because it smells divine in there! Last time I was there to drop off a few more decorative elements, Emile had just whipped up a tray of lemon soap and it had so much lemon zest in it that it looked kind of hairy which sounds bad but was really nice. MMMmmm…

The Big Blue Splot

As I was walking to my car with a basket full of construction goodies, my gallon of turquoise paint somehow escaped from the cart and exploded in the parking lot. The miracle was that I got one drop on my shoe and that was it. The gods were smiling on me.

Looking Super

Danneman’s is now painted and the old furniture has been purchased by Bobby at the Pizza place down the street, so it is mostly cleaned out. Grant and I started bringing in and arranging all of our treasures . It’s pretty funny that we are both obsessed in the same way. We arrange things and then have to stand around and admire it. We even went back over there tonight. I had gone to Home Depot and bought two palms for either side of the front door. Grant met me over at the building to help me get them out of the car and bring them inside. But truth be told, we both just wanted to see how it looked at night and congratulate each other on how great it’s looking.

Pinot Noir for Horacio

After Michael and I got gas and were on our way we passed by a sign for Pinot Noir Grapes. Before I had left Atlanta, Horacio our Argentine, Tango instructor and wine connoisseur was waxing on about Oregon Pinot Noir so we pulled into the little Wy’East winery and had a wine tasting. Well I say we, but really Michael watched me taste the wine since he isn’t 21 quite yet. I bought Horacio a bottle of the good stuff, the one that was made from the grapes of the old vines.