Creativity Galore Inside and Out

I just snuck off for an hour from the Obama “Get out the Vote” district center being housed at my loft, to go to an art sale in Candler Park at the home of Janie Wright. She Has a studio in a small building in her backyard which is a delight. One of Janie’s former obsessions was creating gourd art. Now she has gone over to shells.
I just love to look at artist studios and Janie’s is an amazingly delightful place. Her work area is full of shells, separated into containers by type with all of her supplies readily available. This little studio set back in a lovely garden, looks like it would be a wonderful place to work or just to sit and bask in the dappled sunlight.

Learn to Tango – October 4th

Lynda and Rick Wilson are putting on their once a month Tango Fundamentals Immersion Workshop Saturday October 4. This workshop is for those brand new to tango, and for those new-ish tanguerose who want to gain more confidence and clarity in their tango basics. They will cover tango posture, the connection between the partners, basic vocabulary, and navigating the dance floor. Participants receive a lot of dance instruction in a short amount of time. It will prepare you for taking regular classes and it's excellent preparation for dancing at a milonga.* No partner or previous dance training needed!

Milonga with El Flaco Dani

In tango there are three types of dances, a typical tango rhythm, a tango waltz and a milonga, which is a fast snappy little rhythm (a party where you dance tango is also called a Milonga which is kind of confusing at first). I love Milonga. It is happy music and it makes my feet happy. This dancer in the video is called El Flaco ( skinny) Dani. He is one of the old Argentine dancers from way back and Milonga is his specialty. When Duane and I went to Argentina, I took a couple of lessons from Dani and he made me feel like I was flying.

Luiza Paes, Tango Extraordinaire in Atlanta

Wednesday I went to a class by Argentine Tango dancer, Luiza Paes and a Milonga at Danneman’s. Luiza is here in Atlanta until September 10th teaching beginning and advanced classes. Here is a printout of the workshop schedule. Watch how she dances with David Caditz to Norah Jones’, I’ve got to see you again. She is so smooth and her footwork beautiful. I have a gift certificate for three private lessons from Luiza, that I got from Danneman’s Owners Joe and Kate for helping them out with the design. What a great gift. I can’t wait to schedule my lessons.

Mark Needelman, The Art of Construction

blog-075Mark Needelman is an artist first and a construction person only by happenstance since he really is an artist in everything he does and he one of those people who can do anything ( welds, sews, makes airplanes, fixes cars, does concrete sculptures, dances, does CPR on people choking in restaurants, listens carefully). I have had the pleasure of working with him on Mary Sweeney’s Felted Heart studio. It was a dumpy little cinderblock cave and together we transformed it into a wonderful work space in the 658 Studios on Angier Avenue.

Five item must see/must do list for Buenos Aires

My friend Joe is off to Argentina on the Fourth of July. There are a bunch of us who are very envious. He asked me to give him a list of the five places on my Buenos Aires must see/must do list. So here goes:
1.San Telmo Street Fair on Sundays. On Sundays they block the streets off and vendors come and have a flea market kind of thing in the square and on the streets surrounding the square in this quaint old neighborhood. They had stalls with old vintage cameras and one of vintage record players some with the horns and everything. There were really interesting items I don’t usually see around here.

Tango the Night Away

Last night there was the Bario Norte Milonga in Sandy Springs, put on by Lynda and Rick Wilson. I really wanted to go tonight since Duane and I had not been making it out to Sandy Springs to Rick and Lynda’s class on Monday nights for the past two months. They are fantastic teachers; really good at showing you the technical details of each move. Problem is that Sandy Springs is 35 miniutes away from where we live. Once summer came, gas prices rose and we got lazy we started to go to Decatur to Horacio’s class (only five minutes away) on Tuesday instead. Horacio doesn’t give a whole lot of instruction but Duane and I knew the steps we just needed to be comfortable dancing them. And in Horacio’s class we dance and dance and dance. It was just what the doctor ordered.

Looking Super

Danneman’s is now painted and the old furniture has been purchased by Bobby at the Pizza place down the street, so it is mostly cleaned out. Grant and I started bringing in and arranging all of our treasures . It’s pretty funny that we are both obsessed in the same way. We arrange things and then have to stand around and admire it. We even went back over there tonight. I had gone to Home Depot and bought two palms for either side of the front door. Grant met me over at the building to help me get them out of the car and bring them inside. But truth be told, we both just wanted to see how it looked at night and congratulate each other on how great it’s looking.