Milonga Sunday at Moulon Rouge

This Sunday, May 11th, there will be a Milonga ( tango dance party) at the Moulon Rouge in the back of the Paris on Ponce antique shop on Ponce de Leon Place in Atlanta. There will be a beginners class at 1:30pm, and the Milonga will go from 2:30-5pm. There is a real treat this […]

Turn on a Dime

I think flexibility is an important attribute and I keep finding plenty of opportunities to practice it on a regular basis. Last week, I worked for three solid days in the garden with my two amigos, getting all of the beds cleaned up, planted and mulched motivated in part by the assigned author of having a barbecue Saturday night.


Last night, a snappy little milonga came on. I looked around and everyone was out dancing except one rather curmudgeonly man who happens to be an excellent dancer. I just loved this very lively music so I went over to him and asked him to dance with me. Him ( with skepticism): “Do you think […]

Dancing my Confidence Up

Too bad a I can’t do a double-blind study on the question as to whether or not Propranolol helps with Dance performance anxiety, because to tell you the truth I can’t really attest to its effectiveness yet even after two days (12 hours dancing) of the dance festival. I did really put my attention on […]

Sweaty Dancing

Duane and I started Tango classes last year in September. Its pretty darn hot here in Atlanta in September and I was always drenched by halfway through the class. I guess I thought everyone was sweating and I was just sweating a bit more. Then over the next couple of months I quit sweating so […]