An Open Letter to Those People Seeking to Take Advantage of People Suffering from the Oil Spill

Southern Breeze Townhome Navarre beach Florida

Dear Stephanie,
Regarding your question,

Do you have any specials on your Navarre Beach house due to the oil spill ?

I imagine that you don’t have any idea how much it costs to keep a house at the beach. We were just getting back on our feet after having to rebuild our little gem of a gulf front townhome after it was completely destroyed by hurricane Ivan four years ago. The upkeep is enormous yet we can’t sell because the values have fallen way below what we have into it. Just this summer we had a nearly full reservation calendar where the rentals actually covered the mortgage for that month. The cancellations have been tough especially since the beaches are beautiful and though there have been a few tar balls, ten people come to scoop up each one from the sand the moment it hits.

I’m just sayin’ that when you write and ask for a discount at a time like this, you are basically trying to get yourself a vacation on the suffering of others. I am sure you can find someone desperate enough to take anything, but I welcome you to take the high road and come stay at this amazing beach and pay the regular, very reasonable price to support those of us who are yet again, in the midst of a terrible crisis. It’s your choice, but it all comes back to you.

Navarre Properties is our property management and you can make reservations and check the availability on the Navarre Properties web site page. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will find the reservation calendar for our unit.

Navarre Beach Southern Breeze Dune Walkover

How To Make Yummy Granola

Serene Bedroom

Having a Bed and Breakfast in our Loft calls for getting creative about making breakfast. During the week, we serve a continental breakfast with cereal, bagels, coffee, juice and fruit. On the weekends I might do shrimp and grits, vegi scrambles, cheese grits, or the regular standby, bacon, eggs and toast. Duane has got it down now and makes the weekend breakfast when I have to be somewhere bright and early.

One thing I like is to make homemade granola. For myself, I make a not-cooked version with

Recycled Clothing takes on a new meaning

Here is an outfit I found for Myrna Perez, proprietor of the cute little Fruteria and cafe, Lotta Frutta on Auburn Ave. Kind of a Caren Miranda shops at Target look.

ccccswing-coatAnd Here is one for the Dene who worked without rest on the Obama campaign. Called the voter swing coat, it is made of voter registration posters (hanging on the wall in the photo) cut into half inch wide strips and woven together.
There are plenty of other options for all of your peeps here on this site Recycle Runway!

Back to Reality

Washington Monument on Inauguration Day
As much as I like to think differently, I am not a good traveler. I always feel a bit discombobulated to be out of my stomping grounds. I’m not quite as bad as the Accidental Tourist but almost. I had such high hopes of blogging and uploading photos and texts regularly while I was at the Inauguration. Didn’t happen the way I had imagined. I got a few texts off to NPR and friends actually said that they saw them which was cool. But from the start circumstances conspired against me.

I didn’t bring my laptop since Duane brought his Mac Book but I did bring my Christmas i Phone and my camera so thought

Inauguration Diary – January 20

6:00 AM – Duane stealthily got dressed and left for work doing the camera and wiring over at Lafayette Park where a lot of network anchors were set up.

6:30 AM Claudia and I got up and felt pretty good about going to the mall with the crowds. We put lots of layers on plus woolly hats and socks and I felt like a little kid in a snow suit. Weather says it is 20 degrees and should warm up a bit with the sun out.

7:30 AM We decided to head over to the Washington Monument as a large indicator of exactly where

Inauguration Diary January 19

8:30 AM – Joe took Claudia and I to the Airport. ( its nice to have nice friends).

9:45AM – We’re at the Atlanta airport, Claudia gets out her guidebook and I take out my iPhone. Its a race between new and old school to see
who finds a great place for lunch once we get into DC. She thumbs through her book and I give Urban Spoon a shake. Et voila, we both come up with Matchbox, a little bar restaurant on H street in Chinatown around the corner from where we were staying at the Renaissance Hotel. Claudia called and made reservations. I called that round a tie.

1:00 PM – Took the

Artists in Residence

I am having a lot of fun running the The Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast here at 130 A Krog Street in Atlanta. I am not your typical Bed and Breakfast proprietor. First of all, I don’t take just anyone, anytime. If someone calls at the last minute wanting accommodations, I sweetly say, Oh, I’m so sorry we don’t have any availability for tonight. Or if they call with some attitude or weird situation, same response, “no room at the inn”. But we have had some really great guests and actually none that were not great in their own way.