Checking Out the Latest WordPress Version


I have been working with Word press, updating Danneman’s Coffee’s website by transferring it to a blog. That way the owners, Joe and Kate, can make modifications and keep the site up without having to know programming languages or web authoring software. The new site should be live soon. Since I have been spending so much time working with their site I have not had time to blog on my own site.  Shame on me. But tonight I went ahead and upgraded my blog to the new Word press version 2.7 and this is the trial run.

One good thing is that I finally figured out how to do an automatic Word Press upgrade. Before, I could not get all the settings and passwords correct, that I needed to have it upgrade automatically. And believe me it is a hassle to upgrade it by the regular long way. But tonight, I was about to give up and call my hosting company, Living Dot, when I remembered that Living Dot doesn’t have phone support, only e-mail. I set the Danneman’s site up with Go Daddy and every time I called them for support the past couple of days they answered their phones within a minute or two and were great at answering my every question (and I have plenty of them ). It was a foolish thing for me, given that I was pretty green in the back-end of the Web development, to go with a hosting company that does not provide copious hand holding support. However, I tried again with filling in all of the user name hosting name, password and such, and then I lucked out since  all the cherries lined up and the thing upgraded – without me having to get any support at all.

The 2.7 dashboard interface is really different, not that an end-user sees any of that, or would care. And, it’s suppose to do everything much faster and better. It seems that I still can’t use the Flash photo uploader. I was able to use it on Danneman’s Blog so it has to be a problem in my version of Word Press or  the code in my theme or something. It is very frustrating to have to upload photos slowly, one at a time.

While I have been doing all of this Word Press work this week, I am also auditing the Evening at Emory Dreamweaver I course. I originally took the two day class the day before and the day after the presidential election. I couldn’t have chosen a worse time. There was sooo  much going on with the campaign and then there was Jim Martin’s run off election so I did not have an opportunity to go over my notes or do the homework. Then, I got sick for a couple of weeks and then it was Christmas. Excuses, excuses. So when I went back to it I had forgotten everything. It was great being in the class today because I was able to listen in a more relaxed manner, having heard it before. Now, I have to go do the homework for tomorrows class.