Colorful Christmas

I have to admit it, I am a color freak. My dirty little secret is that I have over one hundred cans of paint in my garage and that is one hundred, after I recently weeded out the empty dried up cans. So you see, of course I would have had to fall in love with Pantone dishes when I first saw them a couple of years ago at the Fishes Eddy store in New York City. The set at Fishes Eddy did not have mugs, only cups and saucers. But now, I just came across this set of ten mugs for 125.00 from, and I am salivating. These mugs, inspired by Pantone Color charts, are glazed with a pattern resembling the iconic Pantone Color Chip and come with cute Pantone chip tag. Graphic designers and Color Gurus rejoice! What a good Christmas present this would make for someone who loves color as much as I do.

2 thoughts on “Colorful Christmas

  1. Oh how I love Fish’s Eddy! I used to live on 16th and 5th a million years ago before the neighborhood got hip, but my sister now lives in my old apt. so I still make my pilgrimages. I am a tabletop junkie, but I can quit anytime.

  2. Nina, I think we need a Fishes Eddy here don’t you? And while we’re at it lets get an ABC Carpets too. And a lot of Flower shops. And how about really good bagels?

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