Creativity Galore Inside and Out

I just snuck off for an hour from the Obama “Get out the Vote” district center being housed at my loft, to go to an art sale in Candler Park at the home of Janie Wright. She Has a studio in a small building in her backyard which is a delight. One of Janie’s former obsessions was creating gourd art. Now she has gone over to shells.
I just love to look at artist studios and Janie’s is an amazingly delightful place. Her work area is full of shells, separated into containers by type with all of her supplies readily available. This little studio set back in a lovely garden, looks like it would be a wonderful place to work or just to sit and bask in the dappled sunlight.

Janie had displayed for sale her shell ornaments, wreaths, coasters, napkin holders, place holders, candle sticks, small containers, flower pots, signs, house numbers, birdbaths, masks, and boxes. Then she also had covered a garden wall in shells as well as her living room fireplace.

Janie Wright lives in Atlanta’s Candler Park neighborhood and can be reached at 404-373-2696.

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