Dump Your DIY Website And Get a Professional to Help

The thing that is great about 2012 is that it is easy to build a website. The problem though is that it is easy to build a bad website. And although I am a WordPress website designer here in Atlanta and am therefore pretty opinionated about this, I know bad websites drives other people crazy as well. It’s got to be up there quite high on the list of annoyances and pet peeves.

Last night I got really frustrated trying to order Chinese food. On one site I couldn’t get the menu to download and the other site one was built with Flash and wouldn’t come up on my iPad.

I think it is wise for businesses to spend a little time and money to have a website that reflects positively on their brand, that has straight forward intuitive navigation, that is not loaded with words that we won’t read and that is centered on the needs of the visitor. What a concept.

WordPress is my choice for sites since they dynamic and easy to add content to and thus great for SEO and social sharing. You can show people what you do rather than just tell them and that builds “Know Like and Trust and more clients.