Escapee from Verizon

I got my first cell phone years ago through my ex-husband’s medical practice. Since the hospital he worked in was in Smyrna our phone numbers had 770 area code and we had a Verizon contract. Over the years, when different phones have come out from other companies, I have felt trapped by Verizon. But I probably would have felt that way with any cell phone company and I rationalized staying with¬† them due to Verizon’s good cellular service. That and the money it cost to break your contract.¬† That is until last Sunday. I finally broke away.

I have had my eye on the iPhone since they came out. I envied iPhone owners but thought I could never have one since I had those pesky Verizon contracts for mine and my two kids phones. They also thought we were truck forever with Verizon. So it was really quite a surprise to them that I said to hell with our Verizon contracts and got Amanda, Michael and I, iPhones for Christmas. Amanda’s two year contract had already expired and still I had to pay $275.00 to buy my way out of Micheal’s and my contracts. It wasn’t a surprise for Christmas morning since our phones would be turned off when I purchased the new phones. But it was a great Christmas present. We are all very excited with our new toys. It has been worth it. Now if only I could get a 404 area code. . .

One thought on “Escapee from Verizon

  1. Why’s it matter what area code you have?
    And that is SO awesome about the iphone thing, I have been thinking about that exact thing lately, being trapped with Verizon but wanting an iphone. Congratulations!

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