Field trip to Grower’s Outlet

Three for 20 dollars

There is a fantastic nursery, Grower’s Outlet out in Loganville, Georgia that has the best prices around and a really nice selection of plants. They have things that you’re not going to find at your local Home Depot and if you did they would be double in price.

Grower’s Outlet has a wide variety of Hostas as well as more exotic offerings such as Bananas, Black Elephant Ears, Ginger, Datura, Clematis and then Orchids, three for twenty dollars. Of course, they have the typical annuals, perennials and vegetables too.

Every spring, I make at least one pilgrimage out Highway 78, past Stone Mountain, past Snellville and usually I go to far and get to Between and have to turn around and go back to Loganville.The place sits about a block off of 78 and it was so busy today that a cop was directing the traffic which was backed up out to 78. I had to circle the place three times before finding a parking place. But as usual, it was worth it.


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