Flowers Cut From My Garden

Cut Flowers

I just can’t believe how good my flowers look this spring. My sister Dorothy went out in the neighborhood walking and pronounced my garden to have the prettiest flowers. She then picked these from my back yard and put them into one of my favorite vases.

So please bear with my posts about my garden. I am not bragging as much as I am amazed and rest assured in a few weeks the majority of the roses and peonies will be finished for the year and when the heat, and dry summer weather hit, my garden won’t look this good at all. If it do have a rainy summer then the mosquitoes are so bad that you can’t go out and garden for long.

Maybe this year I will plant some perennials that will bloom after the spring flush. Some Mexican sage would be nice. It blooms after everything is done and well into the fall. I believe I will just put that on my to do list.