Freecycle: a great idea

I just joined the Freecycle yahoo group this week. It is a site set up for people to list things that they want to give away. People see the post and send a reply telling the poster they want the item and they make arrangements to pick it up. Then they put another post on the list saying that the item has been taken. Very Cool. You can also post for an item wanted. The list rules say that you should not ask for cars or diamonds or such things since it is really a site where people give away items they would have discarded.

I am in the process of building out Mary’s Felted Heart Studio and we had an oak vanity, sink, faucet and laminate countertop that we changed out for a vanity we made out of an old lab table and a cute Ikea sink and faucet. I posted the items on Freecycle and someone immediately responded and then came and took it away within the hour. Amazing.

I posted a Wanted: Old Maytag washing machine to felt with and within a couple of hours someone sent me an e-mail to offer an old Amana stackable unit that looked great. I didn’t take it since she needs a large washer and no dryer. But that was very fun to put it out there and have a great quick response. Still looking for that old washer. . .

One thought on “Freecycle: a great idea

  1. My brother does this in the Athens area. Be prepared for 20-30 e-mails per day! (I once saw an e-mail of someone giving away plastic Kroger bags!)

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