Furminator Deals with Effects of Global Warming

What I want to know is why is my dog shedding like crazy the week before Christmas? Is this a side effect of global warming? There are huge puff balls of hair floating around the house two hours after vacuuming. At least only one of the three Bassets is such a fur burger.

This afternoon in preparation for the holidays, I decided to get out the Furminator. I was wearing black fleece pants and a fleece vest and I have to say that was not the best furminating outfit. Like the picture portrays,  I filled up an entire garbage bag with dog hair but I had been sitting on the ground so when I got up I was covered in hair. Not just a little hair but more like a heavy layer of fur all over my clothes. Duane had to vacuum me off before I could put my clothes in the washer. I have actually vacuumed the dog before. But I have yet to put him in the washer.