Get Down on Ponce de Leon

I am really liking the Yelp Website. It is a good place to go to find out where to go. they have great reviews¬† done by real people. Every week they put together a list or as they refer to it a Weekly Yelp. This week the Yelp was a review of places to go on Ponce de Leon Avenue (btw: Ponce de Leon is not pronounced, here in Atlanta, with any trace of a Spanish inflection). This “Tour de Ponce” was put together by the burlesque group, Syrens of the South. I’d say it is pretty good but they left out a couple of my mainstays.

I think everyone who visits Atlanta and wants to do what the natives do, should go to Eats. Eats has two basic meals, pasta or chicken. Then it gets a little trickier since you then if you want to go the chicken route ( I always do) you have to choose between the delicious fall off the bone, jerk chicken or the yummy spicy lemon pepper chicken. After that choosing the sides are a conundrum since they are all wonderfully prepared. There is fresh steamed broccoli, sweet potatoes, collards, green beans, corn on the cob, cous- cous, black beans, rice and you cannot go wrong with any of them. The other good thing is that you can go in split a meat and tree sides meal with someone all for $7.30. If you each get water with lemon, that is 3.65 per person. How is that possible? If it were twice as much it would still be one of my favorite places to eat on a weekday night.

Another place that was completely overlooked by the Syrens was “The Local”. Most people go to The Local for a cheap PBR or a strong drink or actually both at the same time. The bartenders there are much too busy to bother with fru fru “special” martinis, according to my friend, Grant Henry who tends bar there Monday Wednesday and Friday nights.
Duane and I like going to “The Local” on Monday nights. It isn’t as busy or smokey and we can sit at the bar and visit with Grant and our other slightly older friends drift in on Monday’s for the same reasons. Oh yeah, that and for their delicious barbecue and corn on the cob and coleslaw.¬† Their pulled pork is awfully good. Duane likes their baby back pork ribs, moist and tasty. They come with three different sauce flavors; mustard based, vinegar based, and tomato based served separate and on the table, just the way I like it.

When my 22 year old daughter was visiting recently she said,

The Local has a reputation as a hang out for hipster douche bags.

But we took her their for Wednesday trivia night and she was liking it and then she said,

Well maybe the douche bag part was uncalled for.

I think the atmosphere there is just divey and gritty enough. What else could you ask for?

One thought on “Get Down on Ponce de Leon

  1. Thank you Judi Patooti!
    I just read the headline and was coming to comment
    to say that THE LOCAL was overDAMNlooked
    and you said it first.
    Thanks for coming in on Mondays,
    or whenever you do make it in.
    Some “old” friends came in this past Monday
    and we smoked cigarettes,
    took pictures,
    and were acting like “douchebag hipsters”.

    You too can be a “douchebag hipster”.

    Say you saw this here
    and get your second drink free!!!

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