Get Your Fall Gardening Fix

I have to admit I am a “fairweather” gardener. I do the minimum I can during the summer when the heat and the mosquitoes drive me insane but come fall or spring I get back out there. Yesterday, Duane and I took my at least once a season trip out to Lawrenceville to Randy’s Perennials and Water Gardens to check out his unusual selection of plants. Randy has the best palms, cacti, agaves and succulents as well as a huge selection of perrenials that you probably won’t find at your Home Depot garden center. I got some beautiful Mexican Sage while I was there which I have a hard time finding anywhere  around town.
The past couple of years I have been especially interested in the Agaves, and succulents. Last year, I planted a small varigated Agave at the Wigwam. After the winter it looked a little sad but I cut off the mushy spikes and man, it took off and this summer it tripled in size.

If you have a water garden you’ll definitely want to make a trip out there. You will find lots of water plants and koi and  Randy is very knowledgeable when it comes to diagnosing pond woes. He suggested a special anti-algae elixir to cure the pond scum at the Wigwam. I hope it works as well as he says it does. I’ll let you know.