Hanukkah and Kwanzaa have not been forgotten

My blogging buddy, Nina Rubin, has been posting a Menorah du Jour on her site, Voted off the Island. I have enjoyed following them over the past week. But if you are trying to have a stress free holiday season don’t watch the video she slipped in and posted about the last minute regulations that Bush is pushing through. I could feel my blood pressure rising – and I have low blood pressure.

Continuing on the theme of Jewish celebrations, check out the blog, Cake Wrecks, a completely hilarious site which features bakery disasters. They have a great post about Hanukkah cakes, titled Goy Gaffes.

I feel compelled to issue a warning to anyone who may have seen the post following the Goy Gaffes, which features a recipe for a Kwanzaa cake. Note I agree with the authors and do not recommend making that cake. It looks horrible. The recipe includes store bought Sara Lee cake, corn nuts although they are being called “acorns”, canned apple pie filling, cinnamon canned chocolate icing, pumpkin seeds and popcorn. It is just so wrong. How about you stick your candles in a nice Apple Spice Cake?

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