Highland Bakery Cake Art

photo by Ben Rose[/caption]

Karen Portaleo is an artist, her medium is sugar, her studio, the Highland Bakery. She makes the most amazing looking cakes I’ve ever seen and they are also some of the best tasting cakes I’ve ever eaten. You can see her work here in this photo by Ben Rose and on the photo gallery on the Highland Bakery Website.

Recently Karen made this three and a half foot tall dress cake based on one of Isaac Mizrahi’s 2007 line for a fund raiser. The Sunday paper did an article reporting on this event and how Karen made this edible art.

When Duane and I got married several years ago, we got a big coconut cake from Highland Bakery for our wedding cake. It was just a big ole cake, nothing fancy, but their coconut cake is my all time favorite.  Unfortunately I am allergic to wheat, so I rarely eat cake. But I sure do like to indulge in cake fantasies from time to time, especially after having a visit to the Highland Bakery for a salad.