It is our Duty to Catapult Each Other Into Greatness

Posted January 12th, 2010 by Judi

I realized at 50 that not only am I an entrepreneur but I am and have always been an Artist. My website graphic design business is the fourth successful business I have had in my life: PH.D. Clinical Psychologist, CEO of medical records software company, Loft Real Estate Designer and Developer and now, New Tricks which combines all of my above skills and talents into this one business that I am passionate about.

While doing my loft development business, I was teaching myself graphics and web design to do my own stuff as a hobby. When real estate was tanking, I started thinking about doing this stuff that I was passionate about as a job and starting a web design social media business. Old Dogs… was what came to mind as a name since I was an old dog who did learn new tricks. But I realized this business was not just for “old dogs” who needed help (also it was not as flattering a brand).

There are a lot of young creative people that believe it is too late for them or they will never make it because they don’t know how. But I know it is “Never Too Late” ( our company motto).

I just love helping small creative businesses realize this and helping them to create their branding and on-line presence and most importantly teaching them how to maintain their sites and use all of the Free social media tools to grow their businesses.

I do know for sure that, “It is never too late” and in the words of Grant Henry, “It is our duty to help catapult each other to greatness”. Spread that word.

2 Responses to: “It is our Duty to Catapult Each Other Into Greatness”

  1. Traci Allison responds:
    Posted: January 19th, 2010 at 10:43 am

    Hi Judi! It was an honor to meet you yesterday! Sorry it was so spontaneous, and with my kids running through your colorful home and my strange sneakers decomposing all over your hard wood floors, we really appreciate you opening your doors to us!

    I’ve viewed some of your inspiring design work, and I look forward to meeting you again and talking more about Word Press/Blog Platform for web design!

    Traci Allison

  2. judi responds:
    Posted: March 23rd, 2010 at 7:58 am

    Tracy, I am having a class for two days in April, going over all you need to know as a graphic designer to start doing your own WordPress sites. Check it out at New Tricks.

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