Kwanza Struggles with Three Hounds, Mounted Police Stand By


Councilman, Kwanza Hall quickly got said hounds under control, and out of range of a kick in the head for a nice photo op.


Actually, I was out for a walk with my dogs and saw the Mounted Police riding up ahead alongĀ  Irwin Street. I headed over to check them out and Kwanza Hall was there talking to them. Kwanza offered to take the dogs while I took a picture. I’m glad that the dogs didn’t get kicked in the head but I am more pleased by the fact that I have seen a real increase in police presence in the neighborhood recently. This is a very good sign considering all of the reports of increased crime in Inman Park and the Old Fourth Ward.


Just last week, Lieutenant Moore and officers assigned to the Edgewood Corridor of the Old Fourth Ward stopped into Danneman’s Coffee to talk with Joe Stewardson about their plans for making the neighborhood safe. I must say it’s nice to see our men in blue out doing their jobs, especially on horseback!