Lady Rogue Business Network

I finally got to an event put on by Lady Rogue. She has an organization called Rogue Apron where she holds dinners for her foodie network where the location is top secret and only announced the day of. I have not been to her dinners but I did go to a workshop Thursday night called the Unsucky Twitter Workshop put on by the newer off shoot of Rogue Apron called Lady Rogue’s Business Network.

It was a great meeting she was very prepared with Power Point slides and lots of good information. Unfortunatley I had a previously scheduled meeting so I had to leave when Lady Rogue was getting into the juicy part of the evening where she and the group critiqued each others Twittering and gave the person suggestions. Next time I will be sure to have my evening cleared. A great way to network with someĀ  creative, DIY entreprenuers.