LOve those Geeks

Found out yesterday that the data recovery team was able to get my files off of my bad hard drive. The Best Buy Geeks said they never saw a hard-drive that these data recovery guys couldn’t recover,  unless it had been burned up in a fire or something. But they did warn me it could cost as much as $1,600!  Well, what could I do? I said go for it since I needed all of my financial data. The though of recreating a years worth of entries for 6 different accounts made me ill.

I had been backing up last year to an external drive, but in January when I got another drive in my computer, I started doing back ups onto the second drive. Really bad idea bay the way. Both  hard drives ate it when the motherboard went kaput. The last back up on my external drive was January of 2008.

Yesterday, I got a call fro, a meek sounding guy from the data recovery center who called to tell me that they were finally able to get it to read and they recovered 70 gigs of data. He said they loaded it on an external drive and I had them Fed Ex it to Atlanta. The grand total for all of that including shipping and the drive? A whopping 411.00! Yes siree Bob, I was all for that.

Today I went to Best Buy and picked up the drive and came home and got my financial data restored to Quick Books and Quicken. I got set up with an on-line back up service with unlimited storage and now I am back in business. Oh happy day!