Catching Up as March Flew By and April is Chasing her

I know it is bad when there are two weekly Twitter post updates and no actual posts for the past two weeks. There have been a lot of things going on this month at 130 Krog Street. The Urban Oasis has been busy with guests from The living Foods Institute’s two week raw foods program, guests here learning to do stock market trading taught by Micky Young, Guests who were here to sell reservation software to the big Innkeepers Conference in town last week. We traded out and now I have state of the art reservation system on my Urban Oasis B and B Website

The only thing is that there was a learning curve to get that up and running and I just couldn’t bear to install it on my old site that I had meant to change over to a blog platform long ago, so I reworked the website in my spare time. In between all of that Dene Shepherd and I have been burning the midnight oil to finish work on our New Tricks clients’ blogsites, logos and social network marketing as well as get our own site up and running. We have run into server problems with our New Tricks site and are in the midst of changing it over to a new company. At least it happened on our site and not one of our clients’ sites. We are really proud of the ones we just completed, Monica Tannian’s  music production company, Milk Money Consulting’s site as well as Maureen Nolan’s ADD coaching site, Your Attention Coach.

On top of all of that good stuff, my mom who is 74 and still went on 40 mile bike rides ended up in the hospital in Pensacola  and then was airlifted to Gainesville to Shands, where she was diagnosed with some strange rare lung disease. For the month leading up to the diagnosis we would hear wild predictions like once that she was going to have four weeks to live, that she would get completely well , then that she had maybe 2 years to live and the latest is that she has the  rare NSIP disease and with once a month chemo therapy she can live a long life.

It has been quite the roller coaster, but we got her home this week to Pensacola  and Mom will be able to get out-patient rehab for her breathing and walking. It just goes to show that you never know what is next so you might as well live your life full out today. And on that note, Dene and I are on our way to New Orleans today to go to WordPress Camp. Dene is practicing up on her camp songs and I am looking for a good pocket protector.