Milonga with El Flaco Dani

In tango there are three types of dances, a typical tango rhythm, a tango waltz and a milonga, which is a fast snappy little rhythm (a party where you dance tango is also called a Milonga which is kind of confusing at first). I love Milonga. It is happy music and it makes my feet happy. This dancer in the video is called El Flaco ( skinny) Dani. He is one of the old Argentine dancers from way back and Milonga is his specialty. When Duane and I went to Argentina, I took a couple of lessons from Dani and he made me feel like I was flying.

Tonight there is a Milonga lesson in Sandy Springs with Lynda and Rick. It will be good to see them. Duane and I were driving out to Sandy Springs every week but with the summer and gas prices we have been limiting our dance lessons to Horacio’s class in Decatur which is only a five minute trip and starts earlier in the evening. Lynda and Rick are some of my favorite teachers and in addition to their regular Monday night class they put on a great introductory workshop once a month on a Saturday for four hours called a Tango Immersion class. If you take that you will feel more comfortable attending theirs or other classes. Check out the schedule for all the local lessons and events at: